6 Reasons To Start A Herb Garden Of Your Own

Why do many people shy away as soon as they hear something like ‘home garden’? Here are 6 reasons to start a herb garden of your own.

Why do many people shy away as soon as they hear something like ‘home garden’? Why do you think it is tough to have a garden at home? Here are 6 reasons to start a herb garden of your own.

I always had a dream of setting up an herb garden; how refreshing it sounds, right? But it always seemed Greek and Latin to me whenever. I would think of setting up one and always postponed the thought of it. We do have the inspiration right from our own families, where even our grandmothers used to have tulsi (holy basil) grown at home. Today, with the amount of resources available on how to get started, it cannot get any easier to grow your own herbs.

I know good things are always hard to start in life like getting up early, exercising, or eating healthy, and the same is the case with setting up an herb garden I guess, or in fact any form of gardening/growing plants at home. So if you were having second thoughts on having a herb garden at home, here are some strong reasons and benefits to motivate you on why you should start setting up a herb garden of your own!

Let’s get down to details now!

It can be as easy as pie!

As soon as we speak of something called ‘garden’ a huge expanse of lush green surroundings with beautiful flowers and trees comes to our imagination, isn’t it? Snap out of your colourful dream and come back to reality! Plants that are grown in pretty pots in the quaint balcony of your own small apartment can also be called a garden. We just need to believe in its beauty to get started. You don’t need to own a backyard and once the setup is done, it is very easy to maintain too. There are even organizations which can do the balcony/terrace organic garden setup for you to make the process hassle-free.

All natural green display unit

Showing off can’t get better and definitely has the coolest meaning now! Make sure to have that cup of tea around that herb garden when your friends come home next time – who wouldn’t want to show it off and become famous now? You can even make that masala chai right out of the same herbs at home! Having green surroundings, however, limited they are, is always a treat to the eyes and definitely adds a new dimension to the look of your house interiors.

Tiny muddy fingers learn nature

We all know the old saying – school starts at home. There is a lot to learn from nature for kids (and adults too!) before they bury their heads into academics. So when you have the herb garden at home, let your kids water the plants, teach them different stages of plant growth, different parts of plants, how to care for them etc. Make this a rhythm for kids and let them own a plant to care for to start with before they get ready to take over the entire garden. It gives them a sense of responsibility and achievement, besides being close to nature and having a learning experience. You should see the smile on your child’s face when they sight a sapling for the first time after waiting for days of sowing the seeds – its priceless!

Addition of herbs – hike in immunity

Apart from giving great flavour and taste to our food, herbs like tulsi, mint, basil, parsley, and coriander are very good for building immunity as they have medicinal values. Hence making herbs a part of your daily diet is recommended. You can opt for a wide variety of dishes like making masala chai, adding it as seasoning to chutneys, sauces, soups etc – this will make it interesting to savour its goodness. Some of the herbs are especially good for providing relief in many kinds of flu – a regular visitor to most kids.

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That authentic taste!

Eating foods which are void of any chemicals has great benefits any day. By opting for a herb garden you can be sure of maintaining it organically and escape the grime of pesticides usually sprayed during farming. Also, home-grown plants are always super fresh ingredients to add to your cooking, compared to the store bought ones. Their freshness guarantees better taste.

Tranquility zone

Gardening, however little, has its calming effects. It can be one of those meaningful hobbies which will rejuvenate and soothe your body and mind. It is in fact very essential for the current generation, as our days are mostly rapid with many chores, to-do lists, and busy schedules. It can be give you such a feeling of unwinding at the end of a hard rushed day.

Do you own a herb/any other garden at home? Please share your garden memories and experiences with us!

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