Of Best Friends : 3 Blessings And Countless Love

A woman's best friends are her fortress, her fun, and her family. Here's an ode to best friends. Do you see your friends here, too?

A woman’s best friends are her fortress, her fun, and her family. Here’s an ode to best friends. Do you see your friends here, too?

It’s said that one is truly blessed if you can count one’s close friends on one hand. I’m blessed to have true friends that I can count on both! But there are 3 women, in particular, who bring to my life – true friendship, love and humour. Having one true best friend means you constantly have someone to share your hopes and dreams with. There is always a safe space to be yourself.

But being a group of 4 women – each with her own distinct personality and pet peeves, her own opinions and fears – means that we find ourselves mirrored in one, and not the others. But as time changes and so do the situations that come along with it – we end up closer to the one who seemed the least like us.

 Seeing each other through love and heartbreak, new jobs, family dramas, holidaying together, and staying with each other – we’ve done it all.

Our group dynamics have changed over the last 2-3 years that we have been a foursome. With 2 of us knowing each other since school days, it is in the recent past that we all developed a bond as 4 women. A bond which is unshakeable. Seeing each other through love and heartbreak, new jobs, family dramas, holidaying together, and staying with each other – we’ve done it all. And in the last 6 months, we’ve had one of the little birdies spread her wings and fly into the bonds of matrimony.

Though we are all assured of each other’s love every single day, circumstances do cause times when we are all unable to be there collectively, for each other but there is immense satisfaction in knowing that out of the three, at least one would always be present. Such is the confidence we have in each other – that we make a conscious effort, as best as possible, each day of our lives, to be one entire whole.

There is no denying disappointment that accompanies expectation. Indeed there are times when we have all been mad at each other and felt that our needs from each other were not being fulfilled – this is the true test of our bond. As such doubts threaten to break what we all built painstakingly, it is at this time, when one or more of us inevitably steps into the role of the peace-maker.

Deep in our hearts we all know that no matter what changes may occur in our personal and professional lives – or geographical distance – we have each other – then, now, and always. To the three top women friends in my life –

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The Nomad

The true free spirit who refuses to let society, peer pressure, or the modern world dictate who she is and what she should do. The woman who couldn’t care two hoots about appearances and what others may think of her. The one who can hold her own in a crisis and hold your hand in your hour of need. Despite her individual sense of being, she is completely devoid of arrogance and a mean streak, common to many.

The one who would commute at any hour of the day via any means possible and be just as comfortable backpacking as she would in a luxury resort. Always on the go, fiercely independent, and emotionally mature beyond her years. A woman who has the least issues and is in her own element regardless of the situation and people around.  A loyalist, she is indeed today my pillar of support and my 1 am call. We may not have so much in common but we do share a wicked sense of humour!

Though we may have taken a while to get where we are today, never have I doubted her friendship, and today more than ever, I feel blessed to have her as my friend and a term she finds insanely amusing – my ‘insides’.

The Go-Getter

The most ambitious person in our midst. The woman who broke through conventional barriers to gain confidence and independence post-school. While the rest of us toiled and pored over books, she set out to gain global exposure and make her own money and mark in the world.

A woman who is secure in the knowledge that her intelligence and confidence would make others sit up and take notice of her, and that she doesn’t need to rely on her beauty and sex appeal (which she has in abundance!). The one I’ve known the longest – 12 years almost to the day.

Whose friendship brings sunshine and joy into all our lives, and words of wisdom are heard with immense respect, even though we all may choose to march to our own tune eventually. Not what one would call a social butterfly but is the most fun when out! Knows how to show someone a great time whether exploring her city – Mumbai- or a fun laidback time at home. The one who knows every ridiculous, embarrassing, and powerful moment of my life and yet chooses to stand by my side; proud and without an ounce of judgement.

The Cheerleader

The baby of the group who took the leap before all of us, and is technically now the most ‘grown up’ – married and all! Undoubtedly the chattiest compared to my other 2 lovelies, with whom I’ve had crazy 4 hour conversations and gossip sessions, almost always resulting in peals of laughter.

A woman after my own heart when it comes to fashion and social scenes and the one with more tolerance and patience than I have ever seen. The one who refuses to engage in negativity and constantly wishes to claim harmony for her life and others, every step of the way. The diva of the group – the one who believes in living happy and living well, and always looks for the best traits in everyone. The kind of woman every man would kill to be with.

A liberated woman with a committed heart to those she allows into her life, she promises to infuse fun and silliness into every moment of one’s life. Having seen each other through our best and worst, she truly knows how to celebrate another’s happiness and cheers one through their pain and sorrow. The one who needs to let others see the light within her just as we three do and to shine on! I hope everyone would see you three through my eyes and I hope you do too – and see a remarkable woman reflected back at you.

 Pic credit: Pokerbrit (Used under a CC license)


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