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Right Choices And Zero Regret

You win some, and lose some, as you make the choices in your life - says this insightful take on life, careers, and guilt.

You win some, and lose some, as you make the choices in your life – says this insightful take on life, careers, and guilt.

Life is all about making right choices and getting along with them in its full earnest. No matter how right the choices might be, it will not be welcomed by some. Those few can be our loved and dear ones, or distant relatives of ours, or some unknown fans and followers on social media.

The case of Indira Nooyi is no different. She chose to be the president rather than a wife, mother, daughter or so on. I don’t see a reason for her to feel guilty about it, as she can’t undo the done. What she can carry forward is the fact that she has achieved something which most women would find hard to imagine.

She was not born to carry milk, or for that matter play ‘Nintendo’ with her kids. There are a number of male CXOs who have caring and supportive wives to both carry the milk and feed it to their children. There were many others who didn’t even bother what their family did or even existed.

So, Indira Nooyi finds herself in a situation where she didn’t have a husband who could have carried milk, or even if he did, it still made her feel guilty. This guilt is such an epidemic that it has impacted the lives of a majority of the working women who then take a half-hearted attempt at their career, and most of them make it second to their primary job of ‘carrying’ milk. Most of us would never disrupt the balance between our professional life and family life. And for that matter, most of us would never come even close to what Ms. Indira Nooyi achieved.

Life is all about making right choices and once you do you, never regret and never crib about it. You can be a happy mother feeding your kids, playing with them and cleaning their mess. You can be a strict leader accomplishing tasks with your male counterparts at odd hours of the day away from home and kids. You can be a super-mom managing both of them equally well. But at the end of the day, you win some, you lose some. The choice is yours and it should come with zero regret, and no guilt.

Pic credit: marfis75 (Used under a CC license)


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