A Big Thank You To The Men In My Life

Today, our writer Sonal extends her gratitude to the men who make her life wonderful in various little ways. Do you see these men in your life, too?

Today, Sonali extends her gratitude to the men who make her life wonderful in various little ways. Do you see these men in your life, too?

As much as one may indulge in male bashing, I would like to mention that as a woman who wishes to create change for other women around her,  the men in my life have greatly helped me believe that this change isn’t all that difficult.

Here’s to all my boys, be it my father, brothers, or friends!  Here are the men who truly deserve recognition and respect for being the way they are, and serving as role models in society –

  • Men who are always just a phone call away – be it 4 pm or 4 am.
  • Men who wait for you to get out of the car before stepping out and locking you in. (The horror!)
  • Men who refuse to start their meal till yours arrives, and in times of extreme hunger urge you to share their meal even though they are ravenously hungry and would probably inhale their food if one took a step back.
  • Men who always pick you up from your doorstep even when it is out of their way.
  • Men who do not let you wait a single minute on the streets and ensure they are always there early, and waiting for you.
  • Men who insist on walking on the side of the road, keeping passers-by and speeding vehicles at bay.
  • Men who ensure that you get home safe, or speak to you while on you’re on your way home or insist you text/call once home.
  • Men who always keep a lookout for any guy eyeing you at a party or club. And when you do end up in a relationship, grill you for details and pull the good cop/bad cop routine with the guy in question, much to your amusement.
  • Men who when they see how happy you are with someone, welcome that person into their life as well and extend their friendship to him.
  • Men who wipe your tears away and pick you up when you fall. Who tell you how wonderful you are even when you are looking or feeling your worst.
  • Men who help you regain your confidence in your own abilities and stand by as constant pillars of support.
  • Men who, as much as they make fun of you and tease you, would have someone’s head if they dared to speak a word against you.
  • Men who ensure that their girlfriends or wives warm up to you too as they do not wish to lose you as a friend.
  • Men who seek you out for advice on how to treat the women in their lives better or simply how to to flirt better! And in some cases – how to break up with a woman respectfully. (Yes, that too!)
  • Men who warn you against those who might wish to take advantage of you or refuse to see you for the fabulous woman that you are.
  • Men who have cried in front of you and needed comforting when things hit rock bottom, knowing that they could shed the tough guy image around you and just be themselves.
  • Men who trust your driving and do not get their ego bruised due to that.
  • Men who are as eager to gossip as you may be on anygiven day.
  • Men who help you shop and seek your suggestions when it’s their shopping day as well.
  • Men who willingly whip up a meal for you whilst you don’t have to lift a finger in the kitchen, lest you ruin their masterpiece!
  • Men who would sit and listen to you for hours, ranting about a guy or a failed relationship and all the lessons you say you learnt, without yawning or glancing around to kill time.
  • Men who take you along when they need to shop for the woman in their life.
  • Men who never get pissed off no matter how busy you may be on certain days to take their calls or meet.
  • Men who take you out for lunch or dinner just because you called them all excited about a new restaurant in town.
  • Men who indulge you by taking part in activities that you enjoy and surprisingly grow to like them too.
  • Men who could help you fix anything or as second best – find someone who could help you fix that broken gadget.

I wish to dedicate this article to one very special friend.

My best friend, Gauravv Rishi, who had a fall 6 months ago at the Hyatt Hotel, New Delhi, and is on the road to recovery. Today, as I wait for him to find the words to be able to speak again, I am reminded of what he told me years ago – if I ever get into writing (considering I have nailed the art of speaking non-stop), I must make it a point to mention him, his good looks, and his charisma!

So here’s to you Gauravv, the remarkable human being you are, the wonderful friend you continue to be, and the man one should aspire to be. Thank you for the way you are, and more so with me. I eagerly await the day you read this and the vanity that would continue to linger the next few weeks or years!

To all my boys- thank you! I feel safe in the knowledge that my world includes you.

Pic credit: hellojenuine (Used under a CC license)

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