Empowerment Contradiction

Posted: July 12, 2010

heartcrossingsmall_1.jpgWhen I first started blogging some years ago, I used to frequently visit a certain well known blog (at least at the time it used to be). Besides the content (which was consistently excellent), I found the blogroll particularly interesting – it represented a myriad of interests from science, music, economics, politics, graphic design, technology, gourmet cooking to the lives of high end call girls and everything in between.

Thus came about my acquaintance with Belle de jour and the blogs by some other high end escorts. They were all well written and apparently belonged to women who were spectacularly beautiful and accomplished and did what they did for the money (not to mention pleasure). Instead of feeling entrapped and exploited they found it empowering to do be able to command the prices they did and on their own terms.

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  1. I think prostitution has fewer takers not only because casual sex is in the rise and it is accepted as part of life. The conjugal life of a married couple has also improved over years. In a joint family with so many people around, privacy was not easily available.A separate bedroom for the couple was a luxury. Very often brothers took turns to occupy the single bedroom in the house and the grandma decided which of her sons got to use the room and when. The fear of HIV infecction is also playing a part.

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