Get 3 Useful Resume Templates Here!

Using a highly relevant resume with these powerful modifications can make your resume so much more impressive.

Research shows that an employer/HR team scans your resume for around 6 seconds to understand if you could be a match. That’s the power of this document. 

Whether or not you are looking to change your job, it is important to create a resume and keep it up to date. Many around us may find it worthwhile to have an updated resume for when the opportunity comes knocking. 

Consider yourself as an HR person when you make a resume. How would you like it to look? What is the information that would matter? What would you interpret about the candidate from the first look you have of his or her resume? With this perspective in mind, you are likely to present yourself appropriately. 

Here are 3 useful resume templates you can choose from, depending on your current career status.

The Starter Template: This first template is ideal for students or those with less than 3 years of work experience, typically, applying for entry level or early stage roles.

Return to Work Template: This first template is ideal for those returning to work after a career break, for any reason.

The Boss Template: This first template is ideal for mid-career and senior leaders with a significant amount of work experience.

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