Workshop: Mastering the Skill of Writing to a Brief

Ever wondered how some writers effortlessly adjust their writing style to align with a publication’s intent or client’s needs and meet their audience’s expectations? This is the art of tailoring your writing to a specific brief – something you will need when you write professionally. 

When you write for yourself, your focus centers on your personal thoughts and opinions on a subject. However, when you’re writing to a brief, a mental shift is required which is crucial when you are making the move to professional writing/writing as a career. You must be able to adapt to the requirements of the brief and be prepared to make necessary adjustments.

This workshop caters to women who produce blogs, articles or personal essays and aspire to take their writing to the next level – to find paid and commissioned opportunities in different fields, whether a media publication or for a business audience.

Whether your aim is to monetize your writing skills for different clients, write for publications, or delve into product reviews, this workshop equips you with essential insights for effective brief-based writing. 

Our objective is to empower you to understand the brief thoroughly, get to the heart of what your client or editor needs, create draft versions, do your research well, utilise feedback constructively for revisions, determine what to include and exclude, re-organize content for smoother flow, and structure it with subheadings for clarity and coherence.

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What you will learn:

  • How to understand what the brief really means and ask the right questions to get clarity
  • How to harvest from personal experience, recent events, quotes from other people/ experts/ books/ publications relevant to the brief
  • How to craft a good beginning no matter what the topic
  • What kind of research the brief requires
  • The importance of using keywords to research and write the draft, with some talk about SEO
  • The dynamics of working with an editor/client
  • Being aware of the different style guides wherever they are available, as part of tailoring a narrative/draft to the publication/audience

Post-session giveaways

1. Summary of the workshop
2. Reference library that has web resources and book recommendations that could help in knowledge building
3. Practice materials: Sample briefs to practice writing skills
4. Digital certificate

Date & Time

30th November 2023, 3-6 PM

About the Coach

In her 8 years tenure at Women’s Web, Sandhya Renukamba, Senior Editor and Community Manager has orchestrated seamless collaborations with an array of prolific freelance writers, nurtured an engaging community of authors, and guided talented interns to produce an impressive portfolio of articles tailored to an extensive spectrum of directives. Some of the pieces she has worked on with our authors have received the prestigious Laadli Media and Advertising Awards for Gender Sensitivity (LMAAGS). During this illustrious journey, she has amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise, and she is eager to offer a glimpse into her extensive body of work to our valued participants.

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