Girls Don’t Cry – #AuthorTalk With Gajra Kottary

In an effort to appear strong in a tough world, we tamp down on our feelings, and soldier on.But guess what? Women are dealing with a whole lot of difficult stuff, big and small.

Join us with former Journalist and award-winning screenplay writer, Gajra Kottary, in Bangalore on 20th August.

We’ll meet Gajra talking about her latest novel, Girls Don’t Cry, where she takes us through the lives of three generations of women in a middle-class family and the choices they make as they navigate a man’s world. (More about the book.)

We’ll also meet other inspiring women such as Samantha Unnikrishnan and Nayantara Mallya, who discuss their strengths and vulnerabilities – these are women who have braved the odds to get to where they are today.

Here is your chance to listen to gritty personal stories of some pretty inspiring women!


Date: 20th August

Time: 5 PM to 7 PM


Atta Galatta, Koramangala, Bangalore

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More about Gajra Kottary

bestselling-author-gajra-koGajra Kottary has worked as screenplay writer on many talked about and appreciated daily soaps including Jyoti, Godh Bharai, Panaah, Ghar Ek Sapna and Ek Veer ki Ardaas. She debuted as an author with Fragile Victories and followed up with The Last Laugh, a women-centric collection of short stories. In her novel, Broken Melodies, she gave us women of strong characters exploring the beauty of their lives. Girls Don’t Cry is Gajra’s latest novel.

More about Girls Don’t Cry

girls-dont-cryYoung advertising professional Amala walks the tight-rope between her big-city dreams and small-town roots. Having just broken up with her possessive live-in Mumbaikar boyfriend, she returns to Jalandhar in time for her grandfather’s funeral. Back home, she is barely on talking terms with her mother, Disha, who divorced her father and entered into a relationship with another man.

But the funeral does let Amala spend time with her grandmother. Veera naanji speaks to her of their collective past, uncovering knotty family secrets that society habitually sweeps under the carpet.

Girls Don’t Cry parses the lives of three generations of women in a middle-class family and the choices they make as they navigate a man’s world.



Gajra Kottary
Author, Harper Collins

Samantha Unnikrishnan
Head of External Communications, Intuit

Nayantara Mallya
Communications Specialist, Accenture
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