Breaking Barriers 2023: DigitALL – Coming together to Innovate!

Women’s Web -India’s leading digital platform that enables women to tell their own stories- is back with the much-awaited annual event Women #BreakingBarriers 2023-for women in business! The theme for this year is DigitALL – Coming together to Innovate! 

​The ‘ALL’ in the DigitALL is around inclusion – it is about how digital can bring down barriers and enable more women to be part of innovation.

This year, Women Breaking Barriers is coming to 9 Indian cities!! In Phase 1, the event will be in 3 Indian cities – 22 April, 2023 in Bangalore; 29 April, 2023 in Mumbai; and 6 May, 2023  in Gurugram, where we come and put our collective experiences and wisdom together, and discuss how can we use the digital innovations and leverage it – to grow our business.

At this unique summit for women, every participant gets to share her insights. Let the tribe benefit from your learnings too!

Join us at Women Breaking Barriers 2023, for women in business! For Registration and more details,  click here.

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