Sumitra Mishra (Balakrishnan)

I am a dreamer, a writer and a lover of life. By profession- an educator, my passion is to learn and create, and I am by pride, a propounder of egalitarianism. I believe in exploring the unknown, trying new ways and opening the doors to paths unexplored. This may be in the class, in the kitchen or in thinking of solutions.My refuge is in music, coffee, and the lap of nature

Voice of Sumitra Mishra (Balakrishnan)

Flatter (Flattening) Classrooms, Simpler Pedagogies and Engaging Minds

As a young teacher who teaches a 'subject' to a generation with diminishing attention spans, who are quite speculative while being inquisitive and like variety, I have to take care in designing interesting courses in Communication for multiple MBA programs at our university.

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Poetry: The Deadlock

The poetry metaphorically talks about women's helplessness and man's might. Women often give in, unable to stand men's power like the leaf did to that of the wind. 

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