Rekha Kapoor

I wear various hats like most other woman- a mother, a professional, blogger.... I like to write on various topics that impact a woman's life and am proud to call my self a feminist. Proud winner of Orange Flower award 2018.Am also the winner for Natural's blogger contest on TRUE BEAUTY Professionally I am a Certified Life Coach and Leadership facilitator.

Voice of Rekha Kapoor

4 Key Things I Learnt About Negotiating At Work From My Domestic Help

My domestic help is an inspiration in many ways that I had never imagined.  Let me give you some idea...

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Dedicated To… The Lady Who Gave Me A New Life Years Ago

All the planning and arrangement had taken up two weeks, and Kranti and Radha were now ready to leave. These few days had created a strange bond between the three; something words couldn’t describe.

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Are You Emotionally Ready To Quit Work And Stay With Your Kid? 5 Ideas To Help You Decide

So you want to quit work to be with your child? Do think through to know if you are ready - not just financially, but more importantly - mentally and emotionally.

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The Woman Who No Longer Wanted To Be ‘SUPER’

And then, of course, the holidays and festivals were even more special. The proverbial family time, when her in- laws dropped in and she even lost whatever little of that freedom to choose and postpone.

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bride's educational qualifications
The ‘Ladki’ Earns More Than The ‘Ladka’. Usko Bahu Kaise Banaye Hum?

Prospective grooms and in-laws getting spooked by a possible bride's educational qualifications - now that is a new and unreasonable glass ceiling to overcome!

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