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I wear various hats like most other woman- a mother, a professional, blogger.... I like to write on various topics that impact a woman's life and am proud to call my self a feminist. Proud winner of Orange Flower award 2018.Am also the winner for Natural's blogger contest on TRUE BEAUTY Professionally I am a Certified Life Coach and Leadership facilitator.

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Returning To Work After A 2-Year Break Wasn’t Easy But This Is How I Did It!

I chose to go against the tide, secretly hoping that someday I would change the narrative with my own ‘story of return.’ Here's how I did it!

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Could A Society That Still Considered The Girl Child A Burden, Accept This?

Both instances had evoked strong reactions from the feudal society she belonged to. For a society that still treated a girl child as an unwanted burden, this was unheard of.

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VG Siddhartha’s Death Makes Us Think: Are We Lonelier As We Succeed?

The recent death by suicide, of noted entrepreneur VG Siddhartha, raises the question of how alone he may have felt. Is that the price we pay as we go up the ladder of success?

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4 Key Things I Learnt About Negotiating At Work From My Domestic Help

My domestic help is an inspiration in many ways that I had never imagined.  Let me give you some idea...

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Dedicated To… The Lady Who Gave Me A New Life Years Ago

All the planning and arrangement had taken up two weeks, and Kranti and Radha were now ready to leave. These few days had created a strange bond between the three; something words couldn’t describe.

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Are You Emotionally Ready To Quit Work And Stay With Your Kid? 5 Ideas To Help You Decide

So you want to quit work to be with your child? Do think through to know if you are ready - not just financially, but more importantly - mentally and emotionally.

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The Woman Who No Longer Wanted To Be ‘SUPER’

And then, of course, the holidays and festivals were even more special. The proverbial family time, when her in- laws dropped in and she even lost whatever little of that freedom to choose and postpone.

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bride's educational qualifications
The ‘Ladki’ Earns More Than The ‘Ladka’. Usko Bahu Kaise Banaye Hum?

Prospective grooms and in-laws getting spooked by a possible bride's educational qualifications - now that is a new and unreasonable glass ceiling to overcome!

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