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A learning and development professional with a passion for writing. Publishing my writing is my greatest ambition. I truly believe that a steaming hot cup of coffee and a book can cure any ailment. I love stories and I can spend my all time writing, reading and watching them. Purple is my favourite color and travelling around the world, experiencing different cultures and meeting people is what I enjoy doing.

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The Unwanted Girl Child In India Who No One Cares About! When Will All This Change?

A girl child in India can be treated very shabbily, even to the point of putting her life in danger and killing her. When will all this change?

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Don’t We Need To Take A Hard Look At The Realities Of The Great Indian Marriage?

The Great Indian Marriage is upheld in the western world as a model of success. Have we looked at the devastation of human dignity that is often behind it, though? 

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Homemakers, Have More Confidence In Yourselves. You Are Your Family’s Anchors!

A homemaker's confidence in herself might suffer in today's society, as she is perceived to be a good-for-nothing who is not contributing financially in any way. Far from it.

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Finding The ‘Home’ Elizabeth Gilbert Talks About

Elizabeth Gilbert talks about what home is, in one of her speeches. One of our readers, writes about the home, she eventually found!

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Let Go Of Perfection And Enjoy Life In The Moment

To really have a happy life, women should let go of the idea of being perfect in the roles that they play, but live the moment and enjoy it.

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What Two Months At Home Taught Me About Job Hunting

What two months at home taught me about job hunting

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Why Should What We Wear Define Who We Are?

We wear beautiful clothes to look beautiful. So, does this mean we are what we wear? Let's rip apart this veil and learn to look beyond clothes.

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3 Ways To Help You To Not Lose Your Identity

All around the world, women are busy multi-tasking and playing different roles. But are we doing enough for our true identity?

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