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Ankita Soni

A mother, a wife, a daughter. More than that, a human being like everybody else, full of faults yet her own beauty.

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How Can Spiritual Gurus Preach Disrespect Towards Women?
How Can Spiritual Gurus Preach Disrespect Towards Women?

Sitting on a pedestal, dressed in saffron, with garlands around his neck, he says, once a woman gets married, she should stop talking to her own family altogether.

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What We Don't Talk About Matrimonial Arrangements
What We Don’t Talk About Matrimonial Arrangements!

When Mr. Sharma enquired what the family was like? Educated? Cultured, good? The relative had said that he couldn't know for sure. He thought so too, but who could know, really?

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There’s No Stronger Force Than Love, And Where There’s Love, Nothing Is Wrong Or Unnatural!

To be honest, I had wondered if it would feel weird to see two men or two women marrying each other, but that day, I realized that there’s nothing more beautiful than watching two people immensely in love coming together.

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Kanya Daan Or Kanya Maan: Which One Would You Choose?

The latest Manyavar ad starring Alia Bhatt has been getting hatred, but what I couldn't understand is where the offensive part lies!

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