Life is not so easy!!!

Every woman holds her own narrative and engages in silent battles each day. Whether in personal or professional spheres, or within themselves, they persevere, wearing a smile despite the challenges.

My own story reflects my true essence. As the only child of supportive parents, I’ve been encouraged to pursue my dreams without constraints. I’ve been fortunate to choose my academic path, secure a job I love, and marry the person of my dreams.

However, my journey is not without its struggles. I’ve been grappling with PCOD for may years now, enduring silent pains that are hard to articulate. The relentless cycle of medications, treatments, and emotional turmoil is overwhelming.

Furthermore, experiencing three miscarriages in ten years of marriage has been devastating. The insensitive remarks of others, implying my fate is unfavourable without children, often bring me to tears. These words makes me breakdown a lot of times, but I still rise again and tell myself, I am very LUCKY to be independent, to have an amazing job, do what I like and I want to live for myself. I am unique, beautiful, strong & confident in my own way.

Even though, the world is growing and trending in all smart ways but the mindset of people in society still stands-still. This is the bitter truth most of us are facing but only few can able to fight-back. Lets support everyone in every possible way by encouraging & motivating the women to grow and reach great heights.

Many women face similar challenges, weighed down by societal pressures. But let’s remember our capabilities and advocate for ourselves. Stand tall and proud, for our actions and accomplishments speak volumes.



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