Do you know about the Vagina Monologue?

The vagina is an integral organ of the woman’s body. It is a very delicate part that needs to be handled with utmost care in terms of hygiene. Apart from being an organ which is quite sensitive, Vagina has also been desecrated by the males. The violation or desecration of the organs has impacted the life of a woman negatively. Violence takes place in the form of rape, genital mutilation, beating, maiming, etc.

The ‘Vagina Monologue’ is an attempt to bring about a change in the mindset of people. Through this monologue, the women belonging to different sections of society have tried to convey their feelings regarding the organ ‘Vagina’.

As I read the monologue, I came across diverse views about Vagina. I found that while some women seem quite interested and enjoyed discussing about their vaginas, some were ignorant of its existence. I also read about a women who was worried about it and she was on a  quest for her vagina. I also came to know about the ‘Vagina Interviews’. Women belonging to different stages of life as well as different societies were interviewed. At first, they felt uncomfortable to talk about their vaginas, but gradually this interview on vaginas made them feel excited. They started sharing their thoughts regarding Vagina. According to some, the word ‘Vagina’ sounded like a medical instrument. They also discussed about the names given to this sexual organ of a woman. While reading the monologue, I wasn’t feeling uncomfortable. I even told my parents about this monologue and they also didn’t have any problem with it. They also feel that discussions on the sexual organ ‘Vagina’ should be encouraged in order to break the stigma associated with this organ. They are quite liberal. But , I have seen some people, mostly the aged people, who are not comfortable discussing about their sexual organs. They feel that discussion on such types of organs is not required as they are the private parts of a woman’s body. Change in mindset is the need of the hour. Discussions on sexual organs such as ‘Vagina’ will help people overcome the misconceptions related to such organs in our society. The most common misconception is that Vaginas are unhygienic or dirty. Vagina is an organ of the human body, it should be treated with respect rather than being ashamed of it.

I feel that the ‘Vagina Monologue’ has highlighted several instances of how women are encouraged to discuss their sexual organ ‘The Vagina’. The Vagina Interviews excited few women as they have never been a part of such interviews, in which they have to share their opinions and views about their Vaginas. Women became aware of the existence of the Vagina through this Monologue and they also got the opportunity to discuss something which is denied by society through this Monologue. They were able to express their views without hesitation and also accepted the existence of the sexual organ without becoming ashamed of it. I learnt a lot of new things (like Vagina Interviews, Discovering the Vagina, etc) from the ‘Vagina Monologue’, which every woman should know.


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