Post-Wedding Rejuvenation, Done Right!

Dhol Beats get lehengas twirling,

Whiffs of henna, drinks go swirling,

Nights filled with stories & laughter,

Sleepy smiles on mornings after!

Do these lines speak something to you? Weddings indeed bring with them, invitation to make merry and eat like there’s no tomorrow! But somewhere, after an entire streak of late nights, rich food and travel fatigue, the body whispers “I need a Break”, isn’t it? Pay heed, I say but gently, don’t fall into the crash-diet spiral as you try to rejuvenate it!

The key is to hydrate! Drinking up plentiful of water allows toxins to flush out making way for complete absorption of minerals and vitamins that follow. While washing your system with water will help boost energy levels, it will also reset digestion; you could try experimenting by adding fruit slices, herbs, or cucumber to your water for a refreshing twist and extra nutrients.

After enjoying some indulgent treats, I find myself naturally craving refreshing fruits and vegetables. My body knows what it needs to feel energized and balanced. So, the idea is to listen to your body instead of feeling obligated to “detox”. Opt for leafy greens, colourful berries, crunchy nuts, and satisfying whole grains which will provide you with the vitamins, minerals, and fibre your body needs. These wholesome options not only boost your energy levels but also caress your gut and mood, leaving you feeling revitalized and ready to conquer your day.

While food is essential, I always advise to resume regular activities like yoga, Zumba, walks etc to optimize overall well-being instead of procrastinating which indeed is one of the prevalent patterns I notice post wedding breaks. If you are not moving your body already, start now, at least with a little walk!

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Now, reminiscing anecdotes from the festivities might seem like a good idea but over-indulgence at the cost of a good night sleep (I know, I know 😉) isn’t advisable. Instead, you could meet your friends & share a story or two with them over a warm cup of tea and laugh away! Point I make here is, to stay in the present so that what you’re eating and doing serves your body and mind right.

In tandem with one another and appropriately done, all efforts made towards oneself bear fruits, oh-so-sweet! As a byproduct of improved digestion, a mind rested well and hydrated body, you gain the benefits of clearer looking skin, a happier mind, a healthier being and better cognitive function of the brain helping you sail through your day smoothly.

Remember we are not looking for quick fixes, celebration-lovers! Let’s toast to lasting health that empowers us to thrive, and not survive through countless wedding seasons and beyond. We’re not just aiming to look good for the next dance floor, but to build vibrant energy and resilience for a lifetime of joy.


Dt Komal Patel

The Author is an Ahmedabad based renowned dietician.



About the Author

Dietician Komal Patel

Komal Patel is a renowned Dietician and Clinical Nutritionist based in Ahmedabad. A Specialized Diabetic Educator, Sports Nutritionist and Certified FODMAP Dietician, Komal is also a proud Ambassador of FIT INDIA Movement initiated by Government read more...

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