BHAKSHAK – A Movie Suggesting A Road Ahead

  1. BHAKSHAK – A Movie Suggesting A Road Ahead
    It seems to be yesterday that movies were just a way of recreation, but what if I say and you definitely will agree, today it has a grip over our mental faculties, depending largely upon the message it aims to throw light upon. Movie is the mirror of the society holds true even today and for all times to come and what a bliss it is to see a ‘Docudrama’, which has been in news and all over the print media and digital media for quite some time. Talking about the current release, ‘Bhakshak’, the movie puts forward the story of the ‘Muzaffarpur Shelter Home’ case.
    What has been read and seen all over the media was the outcome after the accused and the high officials involved in the case were in limelight. However the major chunk of the movie puts up the story before the incident actually had the attention of the general public. The Social Audit Report for the Orphanage in Bihar, 2017 Report published by TISS has been the focal point in this case and the only passive initiator for the investigation and road ahead. The movie has been a great depiction of how the fourth pillar of democracy, if functions appropriately can turn the system upside down. Nevertheless Bhumi Pednekar (reporter)along with her cameraman (Sanjay Mishra) in an attempt to get justice for the victims in Balika Grih transcends over every possible path she could think of.
    Adjacent to what has been the main story of the movie a portion also concentrates upon highlighting the real theme of the story that is – “Women- We Matter”,besides what Bhumi does as a reporter on camera, she has been quite representative of her rights as a women in her married life. Thankfully she has not been shown as a bipolar personality , being vocal outside and suppressed at home. No wonder,we rise by lifting others.A women strong within can only be a source of strength and courage, Bhumi has beautifully added this to her character of Vaishali. The movie beautifully accomplishes in giving a silent message on how a woman can and is equally capable of putting her career as the foremost concern the only condition being her dedication and determination. Be it claiming the autonomy over her body in terms of pregnancy or crushing the socially prevalent norm of women being more save in cars and dependent on her husband. SSP Jasmeet adds yet another dimension to the movie who puts a strong front by trying to deliver justice and showing demonstrable courage in arresting Bansi Sahu.
    ‘Bhakshak’ as the name of the movie was pensive too for the protectors were in disguise of molester and what an irony it was to see the repetition of the dialogue, I’m a father to two little girls” , by the perpetrator Mithilesh Sinha(Head of CWC), this brings me back to the what has been a highlight in the movie, we as human have forgotten to be sad in the depravity and sufferings of others.The movie is quite thought provoking by leaving the viewers with many questions. Sitting and waiting to react and retaliate only when it happens with us is simply not a human trait, being sad in the sufferings of others is a thin line which differentiate human from animal.
    The last scene of the movie where Sanjay Mishra is filming Bhumi Pednekar while she is delivering a monologue as whether this particular incident is even going to make any difference to many of us, whether the sufferring of these girl shakes the inner consciousness of the general masses of will it just remain yet another common incident occupying it’s due place in the newspaper and left there to due a slow death without us being much bothered about the same. Have our sense of empathy died or have we simply forgotten to be sad in others suffering or when something is a big question the movie leaves us with.


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