The Unbreakable Bond: The Magical Mother-Child Relationship

We have heard about the mother-child bond. Let me explain to you in simple words. It is a deep emotional bond between the baby and the mother. Why is it so important? It provides the physical and psychological needs of the babies, which provides comfort and protection.

The foundation of this beautiful bond

I have read that a mother nurtures, protects, and develops an unexpressed attachment with the life growing inside her. Until my first pregnancy, I did not understand these words. 

My world changed when I first held her. No words could explain the feeling of love and attachment at that moment. There was a  strong desire to care for and protect her. 

It took time to apprehend the truth

I wanted to be her best mom. I wanted to provide her with the best. The list was endless. As an immature mom, I did not realize that I was wrong. I kept racing to be the super mom. Gradually the reality dawned. Stepping back, I pondered over my mistakes. It was time to act appropriately to rekindle our bond. I spend more time with her. I slowly stopped giving her instructions. But patiently explained things to her. I was willing to give up even though things did not work my way. Slowly, I could see things improving between us. I gave her enough room to come up to me. There were challenges in each step but we could overcome them smoothly. 

The second time I chose the right path

I was more experienced and patient when my son was born. So handling him was not difficult. Every kid is unique. So the approach towards them should be different. It was a challenge, but I handled it with ease. 

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The basis for the child’s personality, decisions in life, and general behavior is laid by this relationship. It can affect their social, physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 

How does this bond become strong and unbreakable?

This is a lifelong bond between a mother and her child, one that is hopefully strengthened by years of heart-to-heart conversations, arguments, and eventually the chance to see each other for who they are. We laugh, argue, and discuss without judging each other. 

Today, I can relate to how my mother has evolved into my closest friend. 


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