Insure Efficient Launches DEI Initiative

Skimming through the pages of the Economic Times last week, the headline ‘Empower Her’ caught my gaze. It was an eye-opener as I admired the thought process behind the initiative. What dawned further was how diversity and inclusion as a concept have begun to seep into workplaces. So when an Indian company propagates a cause for inclusivity for women, it is a paradigm shift. Mumbai-based, Insure Efficient, an Indian homegrown company makes an impact through the initiative of Empower Her.

The views of the Chairman, Pravin Patil are inspiring. He goes on to say, “To empower more women from all walks of life, we need to create an atmosphere with resources that help them flourish and focus specifically on their needs.” A powerful statement indeed. When the organization throws open its doors and welcomes this niche it brands itself as a pioneer in the cause of DEI.

The story writer in me throws this example up. What happens when the bakery owner in the marketplace invites you to try a new recipe that you have been ogling at on every visit? Smiling sheepishly, I wouldn’t mind trying what is on offer. Similarly, only when opportunities are created and made available, will women get the confidence to walk into those doors and try them. Reading through the article I also got a sense that not just their hiring strategy but also several initiatives will circle and support the initiative.

What is heartening is that when the MD and Chairman talk about it, then it is serious. It is a reflection of the vision of the organization. The MD and Founder, Mr. Rakesh Rathi goes on to say that he has experienced the indomitable strength that women bring in character in his personal life. This is what motivating him and the idea of this initiative was birthed. So incredible!

What is Next?

The declaration will be put into action as the company has unveiled two new branches. The doors have been opened and the stage is set. This will provide growth to many women within their present structure and as these women move to higher echelons, many more will follow navigating the career crossroads.

What is Unique?

As they announce the initiative, the company doesn’t just leave it by making a declaration for creating a supportive environment for women to excel. They go on to specify that the program will cater to tailor-made solutions and career opportunities focused on women both colleagues (employees) as well as clients. So they take one step forward to widen the definition of inclusivity to the clients.

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My perspective on providing tailor-made solutions will imply that succession planning for women will happen at a separate pace that creates an opportunity for them to balance the role of personal commitments as well as career commitments. Secondly, it can also extend to structure internal development plans for the female workforce which they can complete at their own pace. This gives them the flexibility to continue self-development even when they choose to take career breaks owing to several reasons at any point in their career. Additionally, I also see an initiative of this scale exploring alternate hiring pools which can include women looking for openings to return from a career break and women hesitant but willing to begin a second career. As more women move up and move in the organization, it reflects positively on the already skewed women representation at leadership positions. Another laudable achievement.

I laud the thought and conviction behind framing this initiative and wish Insure Efficient all glory in making this step toward inclusion a resounding success. At the same time, to all the women contesting stereotypes but passionate to forge ahead, please, I urge you to rise with courage, conviction, and a strong sense of self. The wisdom to find answers and solutions is all within you.

Reference Source: The Economic Times, Dec 19, 2023



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