Unveiling My Sabbatical Symphony: Embracing Change, Family, Personal Wellness, and the Wanderlust Chronicles

In the whirlwind of my banking career, the love for my job started overshadowing my personal life. A transfer away from home added layers to the complexity – a young child, aging in-laws, and a husband building his business. Seeking balance and a renewed sense of purpose, I embarked on a profound sabbatical journey. This tale unfolds the chapters of change, family bonds, wellness, and wanderlust—a transformative experience that has reshaped the very fabric of my life

Weekends became a frenzied attempt to be with my child, but the toll on my health was evident – high blood pressure, stress, and anxiety. The guilt of missing crucial moments with my little one became a heavy burden.

A turning point arrived when I realized I was losing not just my well-being but also precious moments of motherhood. Contemplating a sabbatical, I faced the stark truth – it was unpaid, and a significant housing loan loomed. In this challenging moment, my husband’s support became my rock.

Together, we bravely delved into our finances, acknowledging the risks. It was a daunting decision, but one we made consciously to restore balance between my career and family. The path ahead was uncertain, but with our partnership, I opted for a renewed focus on health, family, and a more sustainable life equilibrium. This is the journey of my Sabbatical which I took from my loving job .

Digital Marketing, Family, and Rediscovery: My Sabbatical Tale

With a yearning to be more present for my family and explore uncharted territories, I took a leap of faith and embraced this temporary break. The first step was coming closer to home, physically and metaphorically, opening the door to new career possibilities.

In the realm of digital marketing, I found a balance that eluded me in the corporate hustle. Enrolling in a course with UpGrad, I not only added strings to my professional bow but discovered a world where growth could coexist harmoniously with family commitments. Now I am the proud certificate holder of Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communications with specialization in Marketing Analytics from MICA School Of Thoughts

Beyond the digital landscape, I found solace in the company of books. The simple pleasure of flipping through pages became a daily retreat, a moment of quiet joy amidst the chaos of change. Mornings with a cup of hot tea and evenings immersed in the wisdom of authors became rituals, guiding me through the intricate dance of life.

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And speaking of life’s dance, my sabbatical also became a journey toward improved health. No gym memberships or strict regimens – just a genuine embrace of regular exercise and yoga. From joyous morning stretches to grounding yoga sessions, these were not just routines; they were acts of self-love, reminders that amidst change, my well-being remains a priority.

Finding Joy in the Ordinary: A Sabbatical Tale of Family, Wellness, and Wanderlust

Focusing on my health and cherishing moments with my toddler brought unforeseen joy and clarity. From laughter-filled park outings to cozy bedtime stories, these seemingly ordinary moments became the heartbeat of my sabbatical.

child love

As I navigated this uncharted territory, supporting my spouse in his business endeavors, I discovered the beauty of collaboration within the family unit. It wasn’t just about adapting to change; it was about weaving a tapestry of shared dreams and flexible roles.

Navigating Change with Family: A Sabbatical Journey and Wanderlust Chronicles

But let’s not forget the enchanting chapters of my travels. Across the serene landscapes of Uttarakhand, I found solace in the majestic Garhwal and Kumaon regions. The mountains whispered tales of resilience, and the valleys offered moments of reflection.

Venturing into the vibrant tapestry of Rajasthan, I immersed myself in the rich cultural heritage. The bustling markets, the grandeur of historical palaces, and the warmth of the people created a kaleidoscope of experiences that added depth to my sabbatical narrative.

In the upcoming chapters of my blog, I’ll be sharing more of this multifaceted journey – the highs, the lows, the travel escapades, and the beautiful revelations that unfolded along the way. Here’s to embracing change, nurturing family bonds, finding joy in the ordinary, making well-being a daily celebration, and savoring the wanderlust that colors our lives.


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