Unrealistic Beauty Standards: Are they really worth it?

In a world captivated by aesthetics and appearances, the concept of beauty has evolved into an intricate tapestry woven from societal expectations, media influence, and personal perceptions. While beauty truly rests in the eyes of the beholder, the unfortunate truth is that unrealistic beauty standards often cloud our self-perception, leading us to question our worth and identity. This blog aims to delve into the detrimental impact of unrealistic beauty standards and shed light on the importance of embracing our authenticity and reclaiming our confidence.

From glossy magazine covers to carefully curated social media feeds, we are bombarded with images of an idealized beauty that seems both unattainable and homogeneous. These standards, set by society’s ever-changing norms, force us into a perpetual cycle of self-doubt and comparison. As someone who spent half of my life as a dusky girl, I’ve encountered hurtful comments, jokes, and belittlement.

I remember a poignant incident from my childhood. During my fourth-grade year, I participated in the founder\\\\\\\’s day skit. I portrayed one of the fairies, positioned at the back of the stage. The event pictures were proudly displayed on the notice board, and I eagerly looked for my presence. To my dismay, I found myself absent in most of the photos. In one picture where I was barely visible, I approached my event teacher for an explanation. She attributed it to a possible mistake and suggested I could participate the following year. This incident shattered my excitement. On my way back to class, I was confronted by a group of so-called “cool” girls. They cruelly remarked that my absence in the pictures was due to my supposed ugliness. Their words were like daggers, leaving me shocked and wounded. I shared my pain with my teacher, only to receive a superficial response that did little to soothe my hurt. This experience made me realize how the pressure to conform to unrealistic standards not only erodes our self-esteem but also makes us feel inherently worthless.

The burden of unrealistic beauty standards is often heaviest on women and girls. As societal expectations dictate how they should look, dress, and behave, it becomes a challenge to express their true selves without fear of judgment. Comments like “apply some cream to make yourself fair,” “don’t go out, or you’ll become darker,” “don’t eat too much,” and “wear heels to appear taller” are all too common. This unrelenting pressure to be perfect can lead to a host of negative consequences, from body dysmorphia and eating disorders to mental health issues like anxiety and depression. It’s crucial to acknowledge that these standards perpetuate harmful stereotypes and undermine the diverse beauty that exists in all individuals.

The toxicity of beauty standards is such that even if we strive to meet them, we are subjected to judgment for every aspect of our bodies, from head to toe. Attempting to conform to unrealistic beauty ideals can be a futile and emotionally taxing endeavor. The pursuit of an ever-shifting ideal can leave us feeling inadequate, constantly chasing an unattainable goal. Moreover, the energy expended in this pursuit often diverts us from more meaningful endeavors, such as personal growth, self-discovery, and cultivating genuine relationships.

I came to the realization that outer appearance is not everything, and understanding that our value extends far beyond appearances is the first step toward breaking free from the shackles of unrealistic standards. Authenticity is a wellspring of power; it empowers us to appreciate our unique qualities, quirks, and imperfections, all of which contribute to our individual beauty.

By acknowledging our worth independent of societal judgment, we can reclaim our confidence and strength. Instead of striving to meet someone else’s idea of beauty, we can focus on nurturing our well-being, pursuing our passions, and fostering self-love. This transformation is not only empowering for ourselves but also sets a positive example for others, inspiring them to embrace their authenticity as well. As we unburden ourselves from the weight of unrealistic beauty standards, we pave the way for a society that celebrates diversity and individuality in all its forms.


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