Physical and Feminine Hygiene !! Ssshhhh !!

Physical and Feminine Hygiene !! Ssshhhh !!

Why do men and women hesitate to talk about this topic? Be it with each other or with your partner.

Friends or parents discuss all sort of things but never teach us about
Feminine Hygiene or Male Intimate care, vaginal issues, importance of waxing, oral health, breast cleaning during feed and basic stuff like this.

Thanks to the internet for the knowledge we gained especially
80′ s and 90’s kids who are encouraging positive change towards physical hygiene.

I love looking good, not to impress but to boost my confidence and set some goals to make my kids learn the basic morning routine.

Men dressed in style !! women are totally impressed, but why do women consider, getting dressed should be followed only when they go out and not when they are home.

Doesn’t mean you wear fancy clothes, flaunt in flares also don’t look shabby like the world will end soon.

Decent clothes, skincare routine, eating habits, and hair care can make your everyday look perfect and gives a positive vibe from within.

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Consider the fact that women should focus on personal care !!

As men do like women, who
Dress up well and maintain personal hygiene.
Be it their wife or girlfriend.

Every time I video call my family or friends, it feels strange when they question, if i wear decent clothes, brushed hair and a little lipstick that’s it’ their questions pop up this way:

Are you going out?

Going to a party?

Heading out? Shall i call back?

So it’s a perception that women only get dressed well when they step out of the house or occasionally.

What’s wrong if you carry the same look with trackpants and jumpsuits?

Please Don’t sound like it’s a crime to look good everyday or this doesn’t mean she is beauty obsessed or she has enough time on earth.

I heard such comments too !!

I like to serve my partner hot coffee dressed up well, smelling good, with a smile on my face.

Definitely not with tired looks, crumbled clothes, messy buns, unclean house and stress on my face.

It just ruins their positive start in the morning, putting them in a perception that something is bothering us.

I have my own struggles lined up in the morning but a small change doesn’t ruin my day, in fact it helps me start fresh with less burden.

Personal hygiene is something people are ashamed to talk about? Especially post marriage or post kids.

The care taken during the initial days of marriage suddenly disappears over the period of time.

The way you expect your partner to maintain personal hygiene, at times He or she feels the same.

He might hesitate to express it, with no intentions of hurting you or out of some discomfort to discuss stuff like that. At times women face this too.

Both of them should understand the concept of physical hygiene without giving or asking excuses to each other or themselves.

when men complain about “Feminine Hygiene”
(I hope you know the meaning of this word) mostly women have their excuses like Post delivery issues, breastfeeding, tackling new born, regular chores, kids, work and the list goes on.

But why don’t we give it a thought or take his or her opinion in a positive way.

If we put up a concern it means something is bothering us so why do we hesitate to address it positively.

ultimately the concept of physical and feminine hygiene keeps your relationship “Happy and Healthy”

I’ve often seen my partner never compromising on personal hygiene.
With the same daily task and hectic schedule, it’s always impressive that he is concerned about the minimal things he uses and wants them in good condition.

Never seen him wearing unwashed or crumbled clothes, he invests in good products be it physical care or intimate hygiene, taking bath pre-post workouts, sexual Hygiene.
Minor concerns like changing bedcovers, washed socks, trimming beard, oral care and a tidy room.

At times I felt, He,  being a Fauji it’s an inbuilt disciple but that’s not the case it’s his mind which thinks healthy towards hygiene.

This made me realise the importance of healthy living.

Be it Threading or waxing,

Appointment with a dentist or a gynic,

Disposing sanitary pads or intimate cleansing routine, anything and everything you feel good about bringing a change for the sake of your personal health or Marital life, just implement it.

It’s not a taboo to ignore and hesitate speaking to your partner asking what’s bothering him or her about your physical hygiene and personal hygiene.

What changes she or he should adapt?

Consider his or her opinion by listening to each other.

Trust me , this can surely take your relationship to another comfort level.

Just the way you teach your kids about good and bad touch, teach them about good hygiene habits.

Both men and women has a role to play in correcting each other also guide your kids or find a way to teach them in best possible way.




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