Keeping sugar under control: methods and recommendations

Today, every 11 people on the planet suffer from elevated sugar levels. Over the years, statistics deteriorate, and the problem affects an increasing number of people. The reasons for this are a sedentary lifestyle, improper and unbalanced nutrition. The problem of high blood sugar is difficult to treat, but there are a number of tips that will help keep glucose under control and prevent its jumps provoked by various factors, including hereditary.

Healthy diet

Industrially processed food with a high content of sugar or its synthetic substitutes negatively affects the work of the body and provokes an increase in glucose levels. In addition, such products can provoke insulin resistance and impaired pancreatic function.

How to prevent problems and keep sugar under control? The first rule is to monitor nutrition. It is recommended to abandon industrially processed foods, eat more vegetables, stop eating harmful dishes and products or minimize their amount in the diet.

If there is a problem of elevated blood levels or prerequisites for its development, preference should be given to products with a low glycemic index. The lower this indicator, the less glucose gets into the body and the slower it is absorbed into the blood.

Full rest

A full-fledged healthy 8-hour sleep is the basis of health for any disorders in the body. It is important to keep a schedule, go to bed and wake up at the same time. Healthy rest allows you to relieve tension from the whole body, restore the energy reserve, emotional background.

The body, which is under constant stress, needs a lot of glucose. This leads to overeating and the absorption of a large amount of junk food. As a result, sugar rises. Full rest and healthy sleep — prevention of high sugar, which poses a threat to health and life.

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Drinking regime

Elevated sugar levels negatively affect the condition of the blood. It becomes thick, the heart begins to work more intensively to ensure the supply of nutrients to all organs and tissues. The vessels that suffer the most are those that lose their elasticity, are clogged with cholesterol plaques. To maintain the condition of the blood, it is recommended to monitor the drinking regime. To calculate the optimal daily volume of liquid, you can use the formula: 

  • 30 ml for each kilogram of weight for women;
  • 40 ml for each kilogram of weight for men.

Alkaline foods help maintain healthy blood glucose levels. Citrus fruits belong to this category of products. A glass of water with lemon on an empty stomach helps the body wake up and adjusts the work of the digestive system. However, before increasing the consumption of alkaline products, a specialist’s consultation is required.

Prevention and support

To prevent dangerous complications of elevated blood sugar levels and prevent the progression of the problem, it is recommended to support the body with the help of vitamin and mineral complexes. There are biologically active additives that are aimed at reducing and stabilizing blood sugar levels. An example of such a product is Diaform.

This remedy is based on extracts of jimnema sylvester, thistle and berberine, as well as chromium and magnesium. It is aimed at a mild reduction in sugar levels and stabilization of glucose in the blood, prevention of jumps and complications. Diaform helps to improve the general condition and eliminate the signs of elevated sugar. It is able to restore the pancreas, increase insulin sensitivity, clear blood vessels of cholesterol and normalize its level in the body.

The use of Diaform by the course can help in the prevention of the development of the problem, as well as increase the effectiveness of complex therapy of the disease. Its natural formula is easily absorbed by the body and is not addictive.

A healthy diet, a drinking regime, proper rest and support of the body with the help of Diaform will help in normalizing and stabilizing sugar levels and preventing serious complications. This is a comprehensive care of the body for a healthy and long life!


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