The only condition to Love is….to Love unconditionally!

The only condition to Love is.

                                                to Love unconditionally!

Unconditional Love!! The first thing that comes to our mind is parental love. How parents love their children without any expectations, they accept them as they are, their happiness lies in the happiness of their child. Unconditional love, simply put, is love without strings attached. It is the love you offer freely. We also call it compassionate love. Though we equate this love to familial love, we do try to find this in our other relationships.

The best example that comes to mind when I think about unconditional love is the Sunshine. Its like the sun that shines every day, gives us light, energy and warmth unconditionally!

Unconditional love is where the love for the other person is without any boundaries. It is free and with no return expectations. Where I feel what we need today is “Unconditional Love” as human beings and it can’t stick to only familial love, there have to be no expectations from anyone whom you love or care or support. However, one needs to understand the thin line between unconditional love with pure intentions and care for the other person’s happiness and unconditional love in an unhealthy relationship just because one feels the need to abide by it even if it hurts.

Unconditional Love is caring about another person’s happiness without demanding any benefits for themselves.

How can you love unconditionally?

I feel the first thing is to “Love yourself unconditionally”. Unless you do not accept yourself as you are and love yourself unconditionally you cannot love others with the same mindset.

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The most effective way to love another person is to be committed to ourselves. It is about accepting unconditionally our authentic feelings or longings and caring enough about ourselves to convey our needs or desires to someone we love.

Love starts with Self-acceptance and Self-love; it then helps us to accept others as they are and love them unconditionally building a strong and trustworthy relationship.

Unconditional Love benefits emotional health. It generates:

  • Positive Feelings – The simple act of loving someone unconditionally produce positive feelings.
  • Secure Feelings – Being loved or loving someone unconditionally makes one confident and comfortable in taking decisions or making choices and avoids conflicts. We experience it in parental love and also in friendships.
  • Empathetic Feelings – Giving and receiving wholehearted love develops empathy in a relationship.

How to love Unconditionally?

Clean your glasses that are fogged up with demands, expectations, blames, unacceptance and look at everyone with a clear glass of respect, kindness, care, empathy, and forgiveness.

Practice Unconditional Love each day! It can be giving someone you know a car lift without one asking for it, letting someone move ahead of you in a queue, letting someone in through a door first, giving way to another car in a traffic jam, or telling someone you love them without expecting to hear it back in return.

I Promise…Life will be Magical…If love becomes Unconditional!!


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