Struggle of millennial women….

I just stepped down from my car after returning from work & few voices
hit my ears. “ what happened to today’s DIL? Nobody wants to leave in
joint family. We were living 4-5 generations & huge members together. As
soon as this sound waves hit my ears, flood of thoughts & reasons came
in my mind but one of the most prominent thought was,
Why living of all 3 generation under single roof makes today’s women’s
life even tougher & challenging.
There are 3 generations living in a house. One is The Baby Boomer
Generation – born 1946-1964. where male supposed to be educated/ to be a                                                                  literate man,go out ,earn & don’t have household & parenting responsibility at all.
Household chores,cooking ,serving ,birthing ,parenting & every in house
labour work were part of female job. So it’s a balance of homemaking &
earning ( as per them.) She never suppose to raise a voice & eventually it
became normal to them. Males used to use privilege of being earning
partner. My in laws belong to this.

Second generation is Millennial – born 1980-1994. where male & female
equally educated equally progressed. So as females has achieved place in
every professional field & come this much far, Men also learning ( not
fully learnt yet) household chores. Also being equal parenting partner. In
this generation not only female become pregnant, they say we\’re
pregnant. If wife cooks ,husband supposed to wind up, if male goes through
financial crisis , female also suppose to do overtime /hard work to pay
EMIs. Inner soul of female feeling thankful & grateful ( actually not as its her basic human right only) for at least men trying to do 50-50. Me & my husband belongs to this.

And third & latest one is Gen Alpha – born 2013 – 2025. Where female would ask
more help. Female of upcoming gen alpha like we’re supposed to go more
through biological challenges like menstrual cycles, pregnancy,lactation …
so through these phases men need to be more helpful & have to share
professional & house responsibilities more than 50-50. Women of this
era ‘ll make sure that they get all privileges that they deserve. My 2021 st
born daughter belongs to this.

As this baby boomer/ older generation can update themselves to

do BHAKTI on YouTube but can’t  update to digest that their son does dishes.
There is always lots to do to fill the gap of two generations, there are
conflicts ,difference between ideologies…so what to say if three
generations get  involved…?!! Older generation is not ready to support even
F=M (50-50) … how they will accept the world with F>M.
There are numerous reasons to choose to be a nuclear family, but for
modern moms this one might be  a sound reason.


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