No more hide and seek with Non-Surgical treatments

Non-Surgical treatments for rejuvenating the face may not yield as dramatic outcomes as a surgical facelift; however, they can still be effective. These non-invasive procedures focus on addressing wrinkles, loss of facial volume, and improving skin tone and texture. Furthermore, non-surgical procedures are better when it comes to saving your pocket as compared to surgical facelifts and require minimal recovery time. Let’s discuss some of them and how they make life and skin beautiful, If we talk about it openly and go for it lavishly.

Botox is a toxin that is derived from the bacterium — Clostridium Botulinum. It is a drug that temporarily paralyzes muscle by targeting the nervous system, deranging the nerve which signals the process that stimulates muscle contraction. Botox is actually a brand name and is trademarked by the company, it is owned by, and there are plenty of other brands such as Xeomin and Dysport, but the most popular term we hear around is ‘Botox.’ This is because Botox was the first ever injectable botulinum toxin. used by cosmetic surgeons to treat the appearance of wrinkles and other facial creases.

There are essentially two types of wrinkles: Dynamic and Static. In order to fully grasp the understanding between the two, I consulted a certified dermatologist in facial aesthetics, cosmetology, and lasers. According to the doctor, Dynamic wrinkles occur when facial expressions such as frowning, winking, or smiling cause the muscles to contract, resulting in a temporary wrinkle that disappears once the expression ceases. On the other hand, Static wrinkles appear when there is no movement, such as during sleep, and can be treated with dermal fillers.

Both Botox and Fillers last for 6-8 months and then it has to be redone, Botox helps to treat other medical conditions like including eyelid spasms, excessive sweating, bladder disorders, and a few types of migraine. Still, there was a holdback when it came to talking about Botox but now the time has changed drastically. Even Kylie Jenner, a model and a socialite owned up to having lip fillers done and revealed that she was self-conscious about her small lips when she was 15. Her insecurity was triggered by a guy who commented that she wouldn’t be a good kisser because of her small lips. Initially, Kylie kept it a secret, but ultimately, she decided to come clean and talk about it openly, which made these treatments not a big deal to keep it under the carpet. If you can dauntlessly stub out in public then why give a second thought on talking about your Botox or any non-invasive treatment? Guts is glory. Always walk with your chin up, and stand tall with your thoughts so that the world will look up to you. Don’t squander time in pleasing and brooding on what people will think. Because they will think irrespective of your belief.

People want natural beauty to be there and don’t want to mess with God’s gift, as they call it. but also, don’t want the age signs to show on their skin, no pigmentation, no wrinkles, no sagging, no losing glow. Now this is the polar opposite treat, and to get that you need to be headstrong and go for non-invasive treatments. If the thought is to go with nature, then embrace the sagging skin or the fine lines. Flaunt it the way it is. But retrospectively there is no harm in making it look finer like it was a decade ago. If looking good can make you feel good and feeling good is actually what you are looking for above everything, then it’s a big YES.

According to research, the global market for facial injectables was worth USD 12.7 billion in 2022, and it is predicted to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.3% from 2023 to 2030. The market is being driven by increasing awareness of minimally invasive procedures, also the beauty campaigns organized by key players in the industry are making a huge contribution to it. The COVID-19 pandemic has also somewhere left its impact on the market’s growth, as people spend more time on video calls (known as the ‘Zoom Boom or Meet in Fleet’) which made them more conscious of their appearance. Botox treatments are typically sought after by middle-aged individuals between 40 and 50 years old who want to appear less stressed and more relaxed, but it is increasingly common for those in their 30s who are looking for a confidence boost. There is a brand called Jeuveau, a similar product to Botox, which was approved by the FDA in 2019 and is available at a lower cost.

Going crazy is what needs to be kept in check. This is where you can go wrong with the treatment. Millennial people are constantly trying to beat those Gen Z by having a clean aesthetic Instagram look in a real sense, and to harness that look, they go overboard with the procedures which sometimes leave you hangdog. There are some fools, who have gone for the procedure on a no-stop basis, which made them look so different that they lost their actual unique look. And trust me there is no antidote to Botox, once done, you have to live with it. Although fillers can be undone, because of the hyaluronic acid used in it.

Now there is no stigma attached to the changing of looks. Ultimately, if looking good can boost one’s morale and happiness, then it is a worthwhile pursuit.

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