Are we officially entering an era of “Anti-Wife Guy” Vs “Wife Guy’? And how a recent revelation by Alia Bhatt was wakening for many

Are we officially entering an era of “Anti-Wife Guy” Vs “Wife Guy’? And how a recent revelation by Alia Bhatt was wakening for many


Let\\\’s start with talking about who is today’s “It wife-guy”. Is it Ryan Gosling who took the internet by storm, just by adoring his wife, Blake Lively publicly? Or is it Nick Jonas, who was applauded by millions on the internet for his sweet gesture of recording videos and clicking photos for his wife, Priyanka Chopra who recently appeared on a movie premier night? Or is Dylan Sprouse, pedestalized recently just for marrying his girlfriend of five years, Super Model Barbara Palvin?


It is high time to agree that we have now officially entered the era of what is called, “It Wife Guy”. A PR Facade or rebranding of heterosexual males as an ally for Feminist women, a snap for the entire self-love and “It Girl” era. The entire branding of “It Wife-Guy” is based on the whole idea of a self-appointed hype man, a man who is willing to kiss the ground his wife walks on, he is not afraid to step out of the limelight to let the spotlight shine on his wife. A man who cleverly uses repeated and naturally suggestive adjectives about his wife for dramatic or poetic effect for his audiences.


This PR Facade is slowly unwinding, with the rise of many players entering the market of potential “It Wife Guy”, it is no longer a monopoly market for men like- Shahrukh Khan, Tom Cruise, and Ryan Reynolds only. Gone are the days when we had only a handful of celebrities, materializing from the concept. There are now so many male celebrities who are now pedestaled for the bare minimum they do. A small mushy emoji dropped by them on the comment section of their wives can do wonders for them, they are now on the front page of news and tabloids, gossip of the town, and whatnot.


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There are again different types of “IT Wife Guy” out in the market, the favorite of the audience are fallen heartthrobs, the bad guys gone good, and men who have been fixed by the wonderful women in their lives. Celebrities like Justin Bieber– who was once the most hated kid on the internet, to a classic Bad Boy turned to a man of faith, and is now reported as “married man”, a classic lingo for “wife guys”. Ranbir Kapoor, an Indian version of the fallen bad guy, with public records of his troubled dating history, multiple cheating allegations, and thanks to his ex-partners going live on a talk show to talk about his casanova personality is a collection of shreds of evidence enough for the audience to place him into the category of “Anti-Wife Guy”.


Now, who or what is this category of men? Who is “Anti-Wife Guy”? With recent outbursts on the internet, millions of memes, and the front page of gossip tabloids, consider Ranbir Kapoor as one. This category of men is like any other regular guy, who is somewhat disappointing or suspicious to the audience for not publicly showering love for his wife. Who is often compared to these “Wife Guys” and villainized over time. The entire concept of “Anti Wie Guy” is based on the idea of the existence of “It Wife Guy”. But, a few fallen wife guys like Adam Levine, and Tom Cruise will make us question if there’s anything like “wife guy” worth pedestalizing. “Wife Guy” is nothing novel or fairytale in the modern world of celebrity gossip and very social relationships on the internet. Sets of male celebrities are chosen and categorized into categories, those who love their wives, those who were former bad boys, examples of male toxicity, domesticated bad boys, and others. These are nothing but mere false perception built over time and proves nothing about the man in question is actually “good” or “bad”, this novel type take is nothing but a delusion, reality does not function like that and neither does love.


Alia Bhatt’s Lipstick revelation has confirmed for millions what they wanted to believe, how she is blindsided in a troublesome marriage,  but is the revelation actually a confirmation, or the audience was way too eager to declare Ranbir Kapoor the face of today’s “Anti Wife Guy”.  The trending campaign “Free Alia”, unravels how eager the public is to speculate about the personal lives of celebrities they have no access to.


The whole shine of “Wife Guy” comes with a crack, it is impossible to talk about “wife guy”. The men ally with women without talking about the trending “Curvy Wife Guy”, where a man felt the need to make a long Instagram post about how much he loves his wife, despite her not being size 2 or considered curvy. The entire tone of the post was to project him as the bravest of all others only because he dared to love a curvy woman. Most of these celebrated “wife guys” would also nag their wives while sharing the most lovely details about their domestic lives online, knowing that they are going to be the talk of towns and trending within minutes as soon as they press the hit button.

On the other hand, “Anti Wife Guy” turns a very regular man into a potential abuser and violent, because of his language or failure to match the charisma of “Wife Guy”.


The harsh reality of life is many women would settle for men who are not that great, not because they are blindsided by love or are suffering, but simply because that’s life. And not every one of us is going to find the right “Wife Guy” Life does not function like that neither does love.


Studying an individual’s behavior and assuming that there is only one right way of being a husband is a very flawed idea.  A society that lets men enjoy legitimate sexual ownership of women and women are forced to take the burden of household chores. When public life is separated from domestic lives, and domestic lives are prone to private violence, it is not a single man to be blamed but the entire system which is based on a phony narration of demanding two contradicts at once.


Celebrity culture is an idea based on the bluff of our fears and projections. Millions are worried about saving Alia Bhatt from her husband because of the possibility that we fear her husband is what we think he is an “Anti wife Guy”. If an Alister celebrity of that stature needs freeing it criminates the norms of our society not that of her husband. It\\\’s not Alia Bhatt, but it\\\’s we who need freeing from phony celebrity culture and double standards.



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