A ‘bahu’ wearing jeans is a big NO!

Why is a girl’s casual comfort a big deal, while a boy’s casual coolness goes unnoticed?

A ‘bahu’ wearing jeans is a big NO.

Yesterday, I was sitting in a café where a middle aged woman was fixing a meeting of a girl and a boy for marriage over phone. Probably she was talking with the girl. She was so loud that I couldn’t ignore her conversation. Initially, I was feeling good that the parents of both the families believe that the boy and the girl should meet first and get to know each other before their families fix their marriage.

But, my excitement went down when I heard the woman strongly instructing the girl, “beta jeans pahenke mat jana.” After hearing this may be the girl asked if she can wear a short kurta with jeans. But again the woman said firmly “Nehi beta, kurta ke saath bhi nehi. INDIAN CLOTHES hi pahenna.”

Really!! I think there is no break in the stereotype! What a girl should wear and what not! A boy/man in casuals, finding comfort in jeans and t-shirt is “COOL”.

But a girl/woman finding comfort in the same ? No…not at all! That will decide her character, whether she is “sanskari” or not!

I think selecting clothes of your choice is very personal. A girl/woman can find comfort in saree or in a salwar-suit or a pair of jeans and t-shirt. What’s the big deal?

However, I don’t find the logic behind a man wearing t-shirt/shirt with a pair of jeans – how come he become a “Sanskari Indian” ?
Why is it normal that males can wear their comfort clothes like t-shirts, shorts etc. At home? (However, these clothes are not at all Indian.)

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But the same comfort clothes for a female, especially the “bahu”….toh sabki aankhein ghumne lag jati hain!!

I was talking with one of my relative and find it strange too, as she was boasting while saying, “We have ALLOWED our daughter-in-law to wear jeans or anything she likes. She has this much freedom in our house.”

I was wondering, why does she need anyone’s permission at all??

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