9 Camping Tips: If You Are Visiting New Zealand This Summer!

Are you planning a trip to New Zealand this summer and want to go camping? But you don't know the camping tips? We have it covered!

Are you planning to go to New Zealand for the summer and want to partake in camping trips? But don’t know the campaign tips and tricks? We have it covered!

If you are looking for an outdoor activity that won’t cost you a lot but will help you in feeling relaxed and break the monotony of daily life, then camping can be a good fit for you. Camping is one of the best ways to connect with nature and can be done both alone or with friends and family.

The best thing about this activity is that you won’t have to buy a whole of expensive equipment to go camping, all that you need to carry on a camping trip are water bottles, a backpack, first-aid kits, and tents in New Zealand.

But at times it can be a bit intimidating, especially for beginners, to come up with ways to help them have a peaceful camping experience.

Camping tips for beginners and seasoned campers

Every traveller should always research and keep in mind the nature of their travel. Camping is different from sightseeing, travelling with toddlers is different from travelling with senior citizens! Hence, research!

Picking a camping spot

If you are a new camper then you might think that the location of camping doesn’t matter much, but it indeed holds a lot of importance, and it is best to plan out the location months in advance.

Before picking a place there are some factors that you should consider, for example, what is the best time of the year to visit that place, what are the nearest places of amusement, are there any washrooms near the spot, and most importantly if the camping area is safe or not or if it’s very prone to crimes.

Some of the most camping-friendly places are national parks and beaches.

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Choose unpopular places

It may sound a bit unusual, but why would someone choose to go camping in an unpopular location, leaving all the famous and loved destinations? But think of it this way, during camping season you are not the only one going to Lake Tekapo or Queenstown, there are maybe a hundred more people going to the same place.

Think about it when you are going camping first and foremost thing that you are looking for is some peace, now it is quite obvious that you won’t be able to achieve that if you are surrounded by so many strangers at all times.

This is why it is best to go to a place that is not so popular, try going to some far away beach or hilltop. Imagine going camping on a peaceful hilltop and spending days in a gazebo in NZ, now this is a good camping experience.

Use maps

The most important thing that should be in your camping bag is a map. Even in this digital age, completely relying on Google Maps might not be the best idea because there can be times when you can network issues or connectivity issues.

At that moment you will have other options other than feeling helpless and lost, so if you carry a physical map then you will be able to eliminate these worries and will be able to find a way in all conditions.

Pro-tip: Try to carry specifically a camping map, as some camping maps also have information about nearby camping trails, public washrooms, and camping parks.

Plan out alternatives

Always have a Plan B, as it can help you in situations when one plan fails. Try to keep a list of alternatives always ready to go. Not only this saves time and energy, but it also makes you prepared for the disappointment of not getting to do the things you desired!


Having a proper budget is important for all trips, and camping expeditions are not an exception. Create a proper budget while you plan to go on the camping trip, and include all types of future expenses in it, including the expense that you will be making on buying camping essentials.

It is best to stick to a proper budget to avoid overspending that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend on a good camping gazebo in NZ, as that is a must.

Things you should bring with you on your trip

Always double-check, and make sure what you carry with you meets the guideline of the place you are visiting! Especially for campers, it’s a must-rule!


It is extremely important to carry the necessities with you while you go camping. Don’t forget to good carry a good quality camping gazebo in NZ, a complete first-aid kit, a fire-starter kit, water bottles, and proper clothing items with you.

Some other essentials are a flashlight or headlight, bug repellent, sunscreen, batteries, and a  lighter. And most importantly, don’t forget to bring a printed map with you.

Clean after you leave the place

One of the main motives for camping is to connect with nature in a better way. So it is best to leave the campsite just like the way you found it, clean and unpolluted.

Sadly, this is a common habit of many campers to leave food packets or food waste at the campsite, so it is best to carry eco-friendly disposable garbage bags with you to avoid littering.

How to maintain proper safety on a trip?

Safety of yourself and your companions is important. Danger and accidents can happen at any moment. Hence, be always alert and informed.

Stay in touch

It doesn’t matter if you are camping alone, or you are going with a group of people, it is always important to stay in touch with people and let them know where you are going next.

Always keep the GPS of your phone on and stick to the map, camping is indeed all about having fun while exploring new places, but it is also important to stay safe while doing it. And in case you are camping with other people, remember to stick together.

Keep your distance

If you are planning to set up your camp in a forest, remember to keep a safe distance from any animals. And research properly about the place if there are any issues with dangerous animal sightings.

Key takeaway

Camping is one of the most therapeutic outdoor activities. If you are also planning to go camping with friends and family or maybe just alone, then the above-listed tips and tricks can be of help.

So if you are a first-time international camper, don’t forget these camping tips!

Image source: Triloks, via Getty Images, free and edited CanvaPro

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