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For Indian women “FOOD” plays very important role in day to day life. And as technological advancement have increased, now it is getting more complex and it gets more complex after marriage.
In older days there were fixed menu. but as time passes by, now there are variety have been added. I’ve also followed these trends. From having regular paratha/ bread in my childhood to having 7 different breakfast now days. But now i am seeing same pattern which was being followed earlier. I want to share some of my observation related with some foods. Please give thought to these and share your opinion:
1) Salt: Now days everyone is replacing normal salt to sea/ pink salt. So i get to revisit my memories. In my childhood one advertisement used to circulate about “Ghenga Rog/ Goiter disease”. and advisory was to have salt having iodine. So we used to purchase captain cook salt because as per advertisement it has IODINE. Now days that concept has gone and trend is to focus Manganese, Zinc etc..So while shifting to sea salt, do not forget the era having deficiency of Iodine. So I’ve kept using Iodized salt, and using sea salt occasionally.
2) Whole grain: I remember in our childhood, we used to have plane paratha, besan ka paratha, Sattu paratha and we grew up without any difficulty in digestion. Then trend came to have Upma, poha, bread, sandwich. During my childhood, i didn’t even know there could be any other breakfast than paratha. I came to know when my sister went to college and she introduced these dishes in our home. My mother don’t have idea how to make these breakfast. So intention behind these breakfast was to have light breakfast, so stomach will remain light. And then someone got idea, oh we are not having vegetable in breakfast. so now vegetable is being added in all these breakfast. then trend came to have heavy breakfast with so much of protein. and now seeing all trends, now it again came back to whole grain breakfast.

for now i am giving only 2 things which made me think isn’t it the food industry dominating our household choices. Leaving butter milk behind, we have switched to ready made juice in the morning now again coming back to whole fruit.
If you agree with my opinion, please comment. I have more thoughts about trends going on which includes our kitchen. Kitchen ingredient should be based on our choices, not as per the food industry trend.

Note: I am 90’s Kid and vegetarian, so please relate my post accordingly.


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