Parenting: A Task For Two

Parenting is a task that needs both the parent. Moreover, it is a skill that requires to be developed gradually.

Parenting is a task for both parents. Why is the major responsibility of upbringing on the mother? Parenting needs to be reconsidered in a broader context. The act of upbringing a child requires the role of the mother as well as the father.

In today’s era, women are facing the situation of a “double burden of work.” It means that they need to manage both inside as well as outside the house. From dressing kids for school, preparing their lunch, to bringing them back from school, all these responsibilities are on the women’s shoulders. Moreover, we have working women who have to manage the office as well as household chores.

Men Should Take Up Responsibility

How can women manage all such tasks at one time? It is crucial that men too, take up the responsibility of parenting. The orthodox society considers women to a managers of the home. But today, when women too, are assisting in the household income, parenting needs to be shared too. Society needs to be just to the women. According to a study conducted by an NGO, “working women finding it difficult to raise their child in a sophisticated way”. Moreover, many women are forced to leave their jobs after childbirth. Why is it not the same for men?

In India, central government employees get only 15 days of paternity leave, but there is no formal policy in place for employees in the private sector. But still, certain private companies are providing new dads with paternity leave like IKEA, ZOMATO, STAR INDIA and a few more. Some state governments allow married male employees to take a fortnight’s leave at the time of, or within six months after, the birth of a child. In comparison, Indian women working in state-run and private companies are entitled to 26 weeks of paid leave, one of the longest in the world.

Despite the opportunities available, many men refrain from taking paternity leave. They have this mindset that all the household chores including taking care of kids fall under women’s lot. This rancid mentality needs to be altered. The paternity leave undertaken by celebrities is hyped on social media to create awareness. Virat Kohli’s maternity leave for his daughter was appreciated by the netizens. These acts act as an impetus for the commoners to take up paternity leave.

It can be concluded that parenting is a task that needs both the parent. Moreover, it is a skill that requires to be developed gradually. A task for new moms and new dads. So, instead of putting all the burden on the new mom, the new dad should also step forward and assist the woman in her new endeavours.

Image Credits: Vidal on Pexels 

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