Is The Narrative That Being ‘Fat’ Means Being Unhealthy True?

The narrative that all conventionally 'fat' people are unhealthy is disturbing and may lead to inevitable possibilities.

Whenever a plus-size influencer posts, most of the comments would be – ‘you are promoting obesity,’ ‘you are unhealthy, lose some weight’ and ‘you will have diseases if you stay fat.’

What’s funny is, if only conventionally fat people had diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes or cardiac issues, then conventionally fit people wouldn’t have died of these problems.

The problem lies in the fact that we have been conditioned to think that overweight people are prone to such diseases. Hence, we have forgotten that leading a healthy lifestyle that contains healthy eating and exercising can keep these diseases away.

A person might be overweight because of various reasons, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle is pivotal for everyone. Even a conventionally thin person with bad lifestyle choices can be prone to these diseases.

Overweight people have always been targets

However, overweight people are targeted because having the extra weight has always been socially unacceptable. You will never see anyone wanting to marry an overweight person in a matrimonial ad.

Clothing brands have always been rigid

Unfortunately, some brands still don’t sell clothes beyond the size XL. Almost all designers make clothes up to a certain size.

It promotes an unhealthy lifestyle and gives a rise to body image issues which may cause a lack of confidence and anxiety. So, what’s questionable is, is it necessary for designers to be this rigid in 2022?

The fat-person stereotype

If you are fat, it is assumable that you don’t have stamina, eat unhealthy food, never exercise, don’t look good, you are unfit and many more.

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People don’t understand is that not every conventionally thin person is healthy. More so, not every ‘fat’ person is unhealthy.

A big part of staying fit also comes from mental wellness. Moreover, mental fitness starts when you think positive about yourself and aren’t critical of yourself.

To achieve that, you need to think with an open eye and stop criticising a particular size. A society can only change when everyone is accepted the way they are, and that is when mental fitness is as crucial as physical fitness.

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