Navya Singh’s True Identity: A Story Of Courage And Self-Belief!

Naavya Singh had the courage to break out, and not just break out but shine bright and loud and are not at the mercy of anyone.

Actor, model, Trans activist (brand ambassador of miss trans-queen India) India’s first national beauty pageant

Life always comes with a twist. One has to swallow their sorrows with a pinch of salt. Navya Singh , as her name goes has a newness to her approach in life, her humbleness gives her a pleasing perspective towards the challenges she faces and her persistence has brought her to new heights at every stage of her life. Today she stands tall as the brand ambassador of miss trans-queen India, India’s first national transwomen beauty pageant.

This didn’t come easy as it looks

Her sorrow has always been showcased by her as achievements with a beautiful packaging of her innocent smile.

Deep down she has struggled to get herself the identity that she desired. Opposed by family in a small town of Bihar, coming from a conservative household, molested and abused in school, insulted and left homeless by her relatives in Mumbai, she felt like a burden to herself.

Weeping and crying nights after nights, Navya decided that she would not live the life of a male . Her soul felt trapped, humiliated and abused in the male body. With no support from family, feeling abused and insulted in the society, labelled as a Kinnar, asked to become a sex worker and beggar, Navya did not give up her hopes to live a happy life and to shine out bright that she has done today.

Several others trapped in the transgender fight either loss hope, commit suicide or stay trapped in the same identity all life bound in the social norms.

She is an ambitious, hardworking artist and transgenders do have talent

To show the world, not just that they are capable to set their own platforms and are not at the mercy of anyone.

While miss trans-queen India pageant she got another blessings in her life Mrs. reena rai (founder of miss trans-queen India ) navya Singh says she is blessed to have two mothers in her life one who has given her birth and second whom has adopted her as a trans-child. She said her mother and daughter relationship is very strong and emotional both shares their happy and saddest moment with each other, after reena rai came in her life she got stand more powerfully and started her Career with confident. Reena rai is always support her ,and she is one of the mentoring her too

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She, with her strength, talent and gorgeous beauty was admired in the Ted-X show talk. She is working for Deepa ardhnarishwar #weareyourstrength and with Reena rai and Mtqi queens they do sensitization about gender equality.

Her contributions to the LGBTQ community have been numerous

As a humble and a well thought, talented individual Naavya banged many shows such as, She has walked the ramp several times for shows like India runway Bombay times Feronia fashion week, Lakme fashion week etc.

Her journey has not just been rewarding but blissful. She is a role model across genders and across ages.

She has shown the world that freedom of identity and raised self esteem can help move mountains and this transgender woman has back to back achieved several milestones so far and their is more to come, you can watch her outstanding performance in her shows

In her upcoming assignment you will see her perform as a item number in Bollywood’s biopic film pledge to protect and music videos sambhal jao by Naushad Ahmad..

Image Source: Still from the Function Dadasaheb Phalke Award 2021 Via Outlook Magazine


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