A strong, heartfelt poem about women forging ahead and making their own path!


She desired to set her feet in the world,

Add many feathers to her cap, as a flying bird,

‘Act like a lady’ she always heard,

That initially sounded to her weird.

She bore the wrath of her unheard voices,

‘cause deep down she made some wrong choices,

Which made her believe, she had many vices,

Thus, dragging the sorrows in all sizes!

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Nevertheless, she worked like a horse,

Without feeling for her, a single remorse,

Thereby, making her body and soul worse,

But alas! She was her own nurse!

With time, she was taken for granted,

And the world forgot what she \”really\” wanted,

But those dreams to her, were still haunted,

And suddenly came to her, her confidence, undented.

All these times, she acted like a woman,

And forgot that she too was a human,

Now that she gained this acumen,

There is no going back, amen!

Now that she retrieved her power,

She has decided not to cower,

She vowed to bloom into a unique flower,

‘cause it’s now or never!

She will falter, she will rise,

Not heeding to what the society shall advise,

That’s how she would find her blessings in disguise,

And walk confidently on her path, to be wise!

Image source: Still from English Vinglish


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