Is The Pandemic Situation Getting Better Or The Worst Is Yet To Come?

Pandemic crisis continues to haunt the world. Battling to break the chain is more important than before for the future still remains unclear.

Pandemic crisis continues to haunt the world. Battling to break the chain is more important than before, for the future still remains unclear.

Still in a middle of a pandemic, much worse than the previous year. Every day we hear about a son losing his mother or a father fighting to keep his daughter alive or a mother feeling helpless in isolation or a child losing both the parents. No matter if you are related or not but you can feel that pain.

Mornings are not happy anymore. You check your phone and see a motivational quote but it cringes you. Because you know the next chat window you open will either be from a friend who is frantically looking for a bed or oxygen or medicines and you are just sitting there feeling helpless. Worse, the next message you read might be from a friend informing you about the passing away of a family member or worse, a common friend.

Lending a hand is the need of the hour

You check on your friend and she tells you that everyone in their family is  positive and one of them is serious. All you can do is pacify her by saying ‘don’t worry, everything will be fine. You all are going to come out of it strong.’ But is that enough or does that really help?

You receive a message on your college/school/family/business group about a certain 27-year-old needing plasma urgently. You ask how is he related to you and they say he is a brother of a friend or a friend forwarded this and I am just amplifying it. You want to extend your help but all you can do is forward some numbers or contacts and share further so that it reaches as many people as possible and you never know from whom you might get help.

Every influencer in the country is putting up stories of random followers who are in need of help and personally verifying details and numbers so that the right information is passed on.

Fortune from others’ misery

By the end of the day you feel, humanity prevails and that thought is probably the only positive one you had in the whole day. Till you read about how the patients were unreasonably charged for a 5km drive from their home to the hospital in an ambulance. Shouldn’t this service be provided free, especially in the present situation?

With unjustifiable rates of medicines and injections, even the fruit seller is trying to earn double profits. The basic needs of a patient have started to look like a luxury. How do you justify your earnings from someone who is already struggling just to keep his/her loved one alive? What are you going to do with all that money through unjust means in a pandemic?

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The Maldives has closed its doors for Indian tourists- if that is where you were wishing to go to spend that money.

Battle to break the chain

However, it’s not all lost. The battle is on and those who are working selflessly in this time of crisis are our front-line warriors. All those who are still making your life better by delivering groceries or food items or medicines or those who are still out there cleaning your surroundings so that you stay in a hygienic environment, and of course, doctors, nurses, and all the hospital staff who are working day in and day out to make sure you stay alive.

So, as a responsible citizen, realise how precious life is and stay in. Help by whatever means you can but the biggest help would be to break the chain by staying in the house. Get vaccinated. It is a very simple and small step that can help not just you but everyone around you to be safe. As it is, a large section of the population won’t be able to take vaccination because they would be recovering from the infection and there is another large section who don’t even know how to access the vaccine. Help educate the underprivileged about how they can get access. Register them through your phone and guide them.

No, it will not end the pandemic but it will break the chain. Don’t let it pass on and mutate. God help if there is another mutation, stronger than the present one, how fatal would that be?

Image courtesy: Syed Ali on Unsplash

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