For Beginners Or Pros, Upcoming Creative Writing Workshops You’ll Love

Is Creative Writing a hobby you have dabbled in, but always felt that you could do better with it? These creative writing workshops will get you going!

Is Creative Writing a hobby you have dabbled in, but always felt that you could do better with it? These creative writing workshops will get you going!

Whether it’s poetry, short stories, plays, creative essays or even screenplays or a novel, training to write better can certainly help you take your writing up a notch. 

While some people believe that you’re either born with it (or not!), the truth is that even those who have some inborn talent, can get better by learning and practising. 

Quite apart from the joy of writing (and perhaps getting published), creative writing skills can also help you become better at expressing yourself in the workplace, make you a more empathetic listener or just help you structure and think through problems better. 

There are also many job roles opening up for folks with creative writing skills such as in copywriting, public relations, screenplay writing for films & web series and related fields. 

Sounds interesting? Then Marketplace @ Women’s Web has many on-point creative writing courses for you, put together by creators who understand what aspiring writers need.

Creative Writing – Fiction by Poorabie Khare

One-on-one mentoring and bi-monthly group sessions

Price: Rs. 4000 for 1hour*8 sessions

Never miss real stories from India's women.

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Creative writing is based on imagination and dream imagery. This skill helps work on planning, analyzing, and forecasting, writing about characters, creating character sketches, putting together a plot, and indulging in descriptive writing keep our cognitive self agile.   

It includes planning a plot, creating characters, creating a flow, descriptive writing – scenes and places, story structuring and exploring genres. 

For bookings, visit here.

So, you want to publish a book? by Asfiya Rehman

Date: 17th July, 2021

Price: Rs.299

Congratulations on your decision to pursue a career as a writer. Now that you’ve decided to write a book, you may be unsure of what to do next. This is a session that will train you how to get your work published. Is there a distinction between a novella and a novel? How do I go about writing a novel? What exactly is micro fiction? Is it true that short tales are superior to novels? 

For bookings, visit here.

When Less is More: Writing Effective Micro-Fiction, by Anupama Dalmia

Date: 8th Aug, 2021

Price: Rs.500

Micro-Fiction has gained immense popularity in the digital literary space today. However, writing impactful micro-fiction is not easy as one needs to pack a punch in limited words. This workshop will help you hone the craft of writing memorable stories in a few words.

For bookings, visit here.

Whether you’re getting started on your creative writing journey or an accomplished writer looking at the next steps, the Marketplace @ Women’s Web will always have something interesting going on in this space. Check it out and get your learning journey started!

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