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When Ego Gets Into The Driving Seat Of Your Friendship..

Posted: June 18, 2021

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Ego has no place in a friendship. So what is one to do, when someone’s ego gets into the driving seat, leaving you at its mercy?

Have you ever noticed any friend of yours, who is angry with you for something, sometimes not talking to you for days? Then one fine day you walk up to him or her and say sorry. And wow! Suddenly all the anguish disappears! The seemingly grave, complex matter dissolves within a fraction of seconds.

This phenomenon, which is even weirder than paranormal activity, has only two explanations:

  1. Either the matter was insignificant.
  2. Or suddenly love sprouted in any one of the four chambers of your friend’s heart. This sprouting took place immediately after hearing the magical word ‘sorry’. As soon as this word knocked on the door of their ears, everything was alright.

Aren’t you now curious to know the magic done by this word ‘sorry’? This magic is called ‘ego satisfaction’, and every single person who says this in a quest to save the friendship is THE MAGICIAN.


I think I didn’t correctly introduce you to the magician. The magician is every person who says this in a quest to satisfy the other person’s ego.

Now don’t bring my attention to the fact that the person whom I was referring to as ‘an angry friend’ in the beginning, has now metamorphosed to become ‘the other person’. It’s because your friend does not deserve to be referred to as a friend.

Like a coin has two sides, this whole thing has one more aspect too. Many a time, people unnecessarily apologise to avoid a possible quarrel, even though they know it wasn’t their fault. And then, unknowingly, the other person makes a habit of it. Eventually, you accuse him of hurting you or disrespecting you, or any other favourite accusation of yours.

But how can the smoke blame the lungs if they get diseased? Had the smoke not entered the lungs, they would have been healthy!

After attending dozens of such magic shows, I have concluded that we should never crave for the people who knowingly use their relationships and friendships as a means to satisfy their ego.

It is absolutely absurd and impossible that someone who loves and cares for you will utilise your bond as an ego satisfaction tool. They are not your people, and it will bring you good fortune if you let go of such people from your life. 

Maybe, in the end, you will be left with very few people… but those few will be true.

Image by Joey Velasquez from Pixabay 

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