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‘Illustrated Kashmiri Proverbs’-A Collaborative Effort To Keep The Kashmiri Culture Alive

Posted: April 18, 2021

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‘Illustrated Kashmiri Proverbs’ is a selection of contemporary Kashmiri proverbs, compiled by author Meetu Koul and illustrator Shivani Koul.

In a globalised world, one’s mother tongue is important to keep one rooted in their culture. An example of this is the International Mother Language Day, celebrated on 21st February, which promotes awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity.

People’s mother tongue can make them feel at ease. Its use also helps keeping various cultures alive. We may say that our mother tongue helps us stay connected to our heritage. It gives you a distinct identity based on shared ancestry and history.

Sometimes it is difficult to make your point in less words. So, proverbs are used to convey the message with emotions. Sometimes a proverb has a full story behind its origin and while another carries a moral. Proverbs are a part and parcel of language. All this is well known to everyone and you may wonder why I am going into such detail. My reason is the recent launch of my book, “Illustrated Kashmiri Proverbs”. This book is a selection of contemporary proverbs of the Kashmiri language, which I compiled with Shivani Koul, the book’s illustrator.

The book is deeply special. Various aspects of it add up to this unique nature-

  • This is the first illustrated book in the market for Kashmiri proverbs. The concept of this book is  aimed at making people understand the richness of Kashmiri Proverbs.
  • The process of collecting, editing and illustrating the proverbs was a collaboration between two women. My ideas were executed beautifully by Shivani Koul.
  • Culture is always shared between the inhabitants of a place. And so, this book has both Kashmiri Pandits and Kashmiri Muslims characters.
  • Proverbs have lost their sheen with the increasing use of English, slangs and memes, but this book helps the Kashmiri language make a comeback.

Two women, distanced by around 600 km, made this book happen, that too during a global pandemic. It was our resolve that made our work see the light of the day.

Illustrated books are usually considered to be a category of children’s literature, but this book is for people of all ages to read, learn from and enjoy.

Author’s Note: Meetu Koul, author of Illustrated Kashmiri Proverbs, is an Engineer by profession and is presently working as a Management Consultant.

Shivani Koul (Bhat), is the illustrator of the book and an engineer as well.

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Meetu koul was born in New Delhi, brought up in Srinagar . Completed a degree in

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