It’s 2021, Stop Putting A Leash On Women & Their Dreams!

For years now, women and their dreams have been clipped by society under the garb of 'protecting' them. It's 2021 and time to change!

For years now, women and their dreams have been clipped by society under the garb of ‘protecting’ them. It’s 2021 and time to change!

I always fail to understand – are we living in a society, or living for a society? It was a strange, heart-wrenching feeling which I had today morning. I wanted to let out a loud cry, but I thought better of it. So I wrote this article.

For ages, women been reckoned as a ‘subject,’ consistently being scrutinized by society. From birth till death, at every stage of life, a woman is expected to mould herself as per society’s expectation.

As a child, a girl is always asked to check her conduct. She is asked to muffle her laugh and is taught to cover her body. The girl is forbidden from wearing shorts and frocks or any cloth which may reveal the slightest of her skin.

Why don’t we monitor the men instead?

So to speak, she is not supposed to wear anything which may invite the attention of perverts and judgmental relatives. I don’t understand the need to invite people who cannot respect your daughter’s presence.

Why doesn’t our society, for a change, ever monitor men? Really, why don’t we ever ask men to watch their words and actions?

As a wife, a woman is first asked to leave her parents and often, even her job. She is criticised for not taking proper care of her husband, child and in-laws. It is difficult for a woman to become a wonder-woman because she is a human with certain limitations.

Come on, society! A woman is a human being not some wild animal on a leash. She needs rest, has her own opinion. And is an individual who has the full right to live freely.

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Why don’t we ever ask husbands to change their perception and accommodate the needs of the family?

Will the world be better if we monitored men and not women?

Conceiving a child and giving birth to it can be done only by women, but responsibility for raising a child should be shared equally by both parents. It should not be gender-specific. However, our society likes to make it the quintessential job of a mother. According to society, the job of raising a child has nothing to do with men.


Come to think of it, if our society ever tried to monitor men instead of women, the world would have been a better place to live for everyone. Women would probably not have faced so much violence. Our newspapers would probably not be as crowded with articles on sexual harassment or domestic violence.

I simply wonder: It is time that we put men’s unruly behaviour on a leash and gift some freedom to women?

Picture credits: Still from Bollywood movie Lipstick Under My Burkha

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