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If It All Comes Back To Home, Let’s Make One Of Our Own?

Posted: February 19, 2021

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Your deepest insecurities and fears, the problems you faced, all trace back to home. But what if we built a new home, so we’re not all alone?

Your deepest insecurity and your fears
your sorrows and your tears,
staying away from men and trust issues
avoiding to use those restaurant tissues.

Your maniac depression
your lack of expression,
your feelings hidden so deep.
You are afraid even to peep.

It all traces back to your home
it all comes back to your home.

Your dislike to be compared and berated
Your dislike to be compared and uprated,
your sadness for being compared at all
stems from the time your friend was praised and you were made to take a fall,

When you quarrel with your boyfriend it all ends the same
for when you dig deep you sound so lame,
because it all traces back to your home
it all comes back to your home.

Maybe everyone had a shitty childhood
and you were thought to be no good,
maybe your parents scolded you and predicted you to run away
many a time your direction did sway.

And yet you try to stand tall and yet you fall down
despite winning, you still wouldn’t wear your crown,
because it all traces back to your home
it all comes back to your home.

You start to trust this one guy
and o my goodness he’s bly!
Yet he fails to understand the aspects that trace back to your house
and you try and try but your feelings are just too alien for him to browse.

The helplessness to make someone understand yourself
I am just too depressed, I don’t hate myself,
Maybe I should forget and move on
but will you ever help me just go on?

What will you do when what I have become strikes your core
For I fear the thought of failure above anything more,
will you be able to hold my hand and walk high
when all I would want to do is to shrivel and die.

A messed up childhood can make you beg for even the little joys
because in the end, you don’t get to keep your toys,
maybe you imagine good things a lot
Because the string of bad things take up much of your spot.

All that others would say is your life isn’t that bad, look at that child with no shoes.
everyone goes through their own journey, empathy: though art out in blues.
Maybe I just need someone to hold my hand
hug me tight and understand

Why did I become like this
and explain it to me with love and bliss,
Because it all comes back to your home my dear
fear not as I understand you completely and
I will be with you to wipe each one of your tears,
you no longer have to be alone
Let us together make a new home.

Picture credits: Still from Bollywood movie Highway

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