Why I Switched To The Menstrual Cup & Why You Should Too!

While many online are debating about menstrual cups, if you are still not fully sure of what they’re all about, we’ve got the perfect introduction for you.

While many online are debating about menstrual cups, if you are still not fully sure of what they’re all about, we’ve got the perfect introduction for you.

First things first, what exactly is a menstrual cup and how does it work? As the name suggests, it is a cup made of medical grade silicone and is used during menstruation. It is inserted into the vagina and, with the help of a suction that it creates, it stays there, collecting menstrual fluid until you remove it.

If we dig deep into history, we find that they were invented in the 1860s but then, why are we discussing them now? What comes to my mind right away is the prejudice against bleeding women and the secrecy surrounding menstrual products. While scouring the internet, it became evident that the early versions weren’t very comfortable to use on a daily basis. But with the invention of silicone, a new path was paved for these cups.

Why does India’s large female population still largely use pads?

I think that there might be a fear of trying to insert something inside the body. Or it might just be the lack of information about menstrual cups. Moreover, are these cups available at our local medical stores? Who knows!

With a first hand experience of using the cup, I can assure you that I never want to go back to pads or tampons. Firstly, the cup is so convenient to use! There is no bad odour, no worry of leakage and most importantly, it is economical. Further, one can use a cup for upto 12 hours without any fear of infection. In fact, the same cup can be used for about 5 years because they are reusable. Just wash and tada! No need to hunt for a dustbin everywhere you go. All you need is a running tap and a sink.

One of the primary reasons to switch to menstrual cups is that they are eco-friendly. Pads, as we know, are a big threat to the already weakened environment as the plastic used in pads takes years to degrade.

What may take some time to learn is the insertion of the cup. One learns through several videos uploaded on the internet (and trial and error). It is important to remember that if inserted properly, one shouldn’t feel its presence while walking, running and during other daily activities. Stay calm and pay attention to how your body works.

Now, one may ask, who can use the menstrual cup?

Anyone who has periods and no history of vaginal infection can use the cup. It comes in different sizes according to one’s age, flow, and whether they have given birth or not. A lot of information is available on the internet and if one is still not sure, they can refer to a gynaecologist.

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Using a cup is messy at times but it’s worth the effort-both for yourself and for the environment. And, as they say, “By changing nothing, nothing changes.”

We can try to experiment with different and better alternatives. At the very least, we will learn from the experience!

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