Yes I Can

Yes I can, these three words make all the difference, the difference between failure and success, the impossible and possible.

Yes I can, these three words make all the difference, the difference between failure and success, the impossible and possible.

Strong will power can only change one’s dream into reality. Everyone wants success. Everyone strives for it. But unfortunately everyone does not get it. Those who do not get success feel dejected and start thinking that success is not in their fate.

Many of us find ourselves in this predicament. The student set for the exam is rattled by last minute nerves. Here one thing is required, we can boost our will power and that is the pathway to perfection. We can learn it from our past where ancient seers conceived perfections and prescribed the route to it. The Bhagwad Gita expounds on perfection in the mindset of human weakness.

Success according to Gita

According to the Bhagavad Gita, the battle field is the challenging world in which Arjuna, the individual was placed. When the Pandava and Kauravas assembled on the battlefield, Arjuna asked Krishna, his charioteer, to drive him among the patriarch Bhishma, his revered guru Dronacharya and many family members arranged in the opposing army.

Arjuna is shaken and overwhelmed . Then Krishna gave him the knowledge and pathway to perfection or success. Krishna defines a perfect person as one who has completely abandoned all desires as a result of being fulfilled in the self by the self. It is the desire that takes away your might and power. Desire comes in the way of success. Unfulfilled desire agitates the mind and causes stress. Desire enslave and weaken you. To regain perfection you need to drop desire. However desire cannot just be washed away. You can only take up a higher desire that is more gratifying.

Learn to get back up!

Let’s not get disheartened by setbacks, celebrate our positives, whether we get what we want or not, just working for it would have improved us and shaped us into a better person. When failure knocks us down, let’s refuse to be defected. Let’s continue to do what we love, no matter what it may be. It is important that we have the destination as our focal point. We should learn to enjoy and take pleasure in the journey as much as we relish the taste of success.

‘Everyone falls down getting backup is how you learn to walk.’

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