Is It Time We Should Stop Blaming Mothers For The Child’s Behaviour?

Its high time people stop blaming mothers for their child's behaviour and instead take fair share of responsibilties in the child's upbringing.

Mothers are the ones who love their child unconditionally even before knowing them. They are the best gift from god one can ever have. Mothers are the first teachers in everyone’s life, no matter boy or girl. A mother’s commitment for the upbringing of the child is beyond words. She gives up everything, her sleep, her eating habits, her lifestyle and the list goes on. But has anyone ever realized that when she gives birth to a child it is not only the child but at that very moment even a mother is born. A female, a young lady who was living a carefree life a few months back suddenly becomes an answerable person for every time her child is doing anything good or bad. Every time a child does anything wrong she should always have a justification for the child’s action.

Even mothers are humans who make mistakes

No matter if mothers are working or a homemaker, they need to be mentally or emotionally available to the child. They should know what the child wants since day one because she is a mother. This feeling is actually very blissful but is it completely justified that after being a mother she should be a perfect mom, who knows what is best for her child. Why do we all tend to forget that even moms can make mistakes? Even they cannot be perfect all the time. Even they are human beings.

The mother is not the ONLY person accountable for the child’s behaviour

Every mother or even fathers try to give their best to their children whether it\’s quality education, skills, moral values etc. In short, they promise each other to face every situation together to give the best possible upbringing. But as the time passes, these situations are categorized for instance, if a child does something good everyone around in the family is ready to take the credit of his/her achievements. But the moment a child does anything wrong nobody is ready to take its responsibility and that is the time when only mothers are blamed for such behavior. Only mothers are blamed for such upbringing.

But is it actually justified? Being a mother of two daughters I often fail to understand that how can anyone even think that a mother must have ignored the child, the mother who is the very first reason for a child’s existence can do anything wrong for her. A child is an individual who learns anything and everything in their environment no matter good or bad, so if the child is not behaving  in the best possible manner it simply does not mean that mother alone is responsible for such behaviour. Each and everyone in the family must take equal responsibility for the upbringing of the child whether good or bad because if we cannot give the entire credit for the child’s achievement to a mother we certainly have no rights to judge a mother for her child’s failures.

The child’s upbringing is the responsibility of the entire family

A mother is often the biggest support system in a child’s life and no matter what she is going through, she will always try to look happy to make her child smile. Even if they have feelings, even if they get hurt, so please stop blaming mothers for whatever wrong happens in their child’s life. I strongly believe that happiness begins with one’s own self and a happy woman makes a happier mother. The least we can do is to make it less difficult for them by taking a stand for them, the next time we see someone cornering or blaming them for their child’s behaviour. Remember a child is observing and learning from everything in his/her environment and one never knows what has conditioned the little mind. It’s time we start being kinder to mothers. And let’s begin by being kinder to yourself first, whether or not you are a mother..


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