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Sorry Not Sorry!

Posted: September 24, 2020

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We live in a society which blames women for everything, so today I’d like to tell you what I an NOT sorry for!

This is a compilation of my thoughts inspired by the many experiences of women (including myself) who’ve faced sexism from men and even more shockingly (a small percent) of women who are the flag-bearers of patriarchy.

I was a victim of my mother-in-law’s sexism at the age of 21 when I knew nothing about this sick school of thought.

Amongst the many things that a woman has to deal with in her life, one of the worst experience that can possibly haunt her forever is when she’s made to feel less. 

This is a “Sorry not Sorry” for all of you who’ve faced misogyny.

Disclaimer- I’m not a male bashing feminist, but I do believe in absolute equality! 

I am not sorry for…

“Sorry not sorry”-

I’m not sorry, that as a woman I feel I could wear whatever I want. 

I’m not sorry, I believed I could say exactly what I thought. 

I’m not sorry for my understanding that as a woman I have equal rights.

I’m not sorry, even though you think I should conform myself to your  narrow minded idea of a woman.

I’m not sorry, that you weren’t taught to respect women.

I’m not sorry, you didn’t know that raising your hand at a woman is not acceptable.

I’m not sorry, that you think I need to ask for your permission for anything I do.

I’m not sorry, for being mother to a dozen kids.

I’m not sorry, that I choose to be a working mom.

I’m not sorry, that I choose to be a home-maker.

I’m not sorry, I choose to not have kids at all! 

I’m not sorry, for being blonde or a brunette.

I’m not sorry for being pale, black, brown, too fair, or too red.

Although what I AM sorry for is

I’m sorry that you have a narrow mind and a shallow mentality.

I’m sorry you were born a misogynist.

I’m sorry you think I’m your property because I’m not!

I’m sorry you think you can judge me by my height, weight, skin colour, race amongst many other things.

I’m sorry your notion of women is tainted.

I’m sorry you were sadly mistaken when you said I need your permission to do as I please.

I’m sorry you think of and treat women as unequals… however, I agree with this, 

We are unequal in your eyes because we are superior! 

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