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Why Self-Love Is Important For Women

Posted: August 19, 2020

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Loving yourself is not considered as a selfish activity, it is like putting yourself first before any other relationship.

With the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput, it becomes necessary to discuss depression and self-love. After reading much news about Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, I am in deep thought that why he had taken such a sarcastic step without considering his family. While discussing the topic of depression, it becomes important to discuss the self-love for women as they always neglect themselves while caring for their families. 

Every woman experiences depression at a certain age. This depression can be because of their in-law’s families, their career, failure in their careers, their marriage failure, pressure from their parents, and so on. 


 I got married and then divorced after a very short period of my marriage. Taking divorce was very difficult for me as it hurt me emotionally. I always used to think what went wrong with my marriage, what was my mistake in all this chaos. It took so many years from my life. I was not ready to accept any new relationship anymore.

Then I realized why I am seeking love outside, finally, I have to live with myself. So after that, I started taking care of myself by focusing on the things that make me happy. I started focusing on my career. Now I am a self-sufficient, single independent woman for whom nothing is impossible. By self-love, I realized that people around you are attracted to your energy, not to your temporary beauty. 

Why Self-Love is Important?

Self-love is accepting yourself completely with some kindness and respect and also it includes nurturing your growth as well as wellbeing. Loving yourself is not considered as a selfish activity, it is like putting yourself first before any other relationship. Before committing for any other relationship, one must have a relationship with herself that implies how she treats herself. Loving yourself will help in nurturing your soul as well as spirit by including your emotional well-being. It is to make yourself complete without needing any other relationship.

People mainly attracted to the energy that arises because of yourself, your focus, your soul, and spirit for finding a relationship. If you feel complete internally, the love of your life can be easily found.

How to Love Yourself?

The main points that need to be considered while starting self-love include:

1. Don’t compare yourself with others as you are unique and you have your capabilities. No one can be perfect in everything. So, stop considering useless things and try to focus on your positives.

2. It has been seen that the main part of our lives is wasted in thinking about what others think about us. So one must stop this if she cares about her. Focus on yourself and start doing things that make you happy internally.

3. Accept that no one can be perfect. It is okay if you make mistakes but it is not okay if you do not learn from these mistakes and make the same mistake again.

4. Love yourself in the way that you present yourself. Don’t be ashamed of yourself. This will help in making your inner peace.

5. Believe in yourself while making any decision whether it is good or not. So you need to trust yourself.

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