10 Principles Of Good Parenting

Every person strives and aims to become a good parent. While each individual's parenting methods are different, what makes you a good parent overall? Read and find out.

Parenting is tough, and good parenting is actually hard work. We often feel less prepared when we try to raise kids. Your words and actions as a parent are the things that are going to be with them forever. While dealing with the kids, you need to speak carefully and have to be compassionate.

Never feel guilty if you are a working parent. You need the job. As well as you need to raise your kids in a good manner too. Therefore, we have come with 10 principles of good parenting for you. Just follow our lead and get a wholesome idea about how to be the best parent in the world.

What makes you a great parent?

A good parent does not need to be perfect. Someone who can make serious decisions for their child is a good parent. You need to remember that no child is perfect and therefore, successful parenting does not depend on achieving perfection.

As a parent, we should always set high standards for ourselves and then set a few rules for our children.

However, we have listed 10 tips for good parenting for you guys. Remember not all of them are easy and quick. But if you follow these steps then we can assure you that you will be moving in the right direction.

10 principles of good parenting

Here, in this article, we have gathered 10 important principles that you can follow. These will have a profound effect on your kids and your whole family.

  1. Be a role model

As humans, we learn by imitations. Therefore, we copy each other’s actions and incorporate them into our own behavior. Children watch everything that you do and try to imitate each of your action.
Therefore, don’t just talk, show it. You need to show your child what you want them to do. Respect their choices, always show them positive behavior and support their emotions.

  1. Show them affection

Remember, there is nothing like too much love. Show your child that you love them. Showing random acts of love like hugs and spending quality time with them after a long day is enough. You should always listen to them sincerely. These little things help to release the feel-good hormone oxytocin that provides a deep sense of love.
Loving does not mean spoiling. Only you can choose your way of loving your kids. Providing them with materialistic assets, leniency, and overprotection can sincerely spoil them. You guys will disagree often, but explain to them why you are right. Explain to them where the mistake is.

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  1. Behave kindly

Remember that just like any person, babies learn by mistakes. Their brain cells are connected through 100 billions of neurons that create their thoughts, shape their personalities, and determine who they really are.
Therefore, always treat your child with a positive experience of life and they will learn to offer it to others as well. Laugh with them, spend the night building that silly fort, go to the park, and giggle while tickling them. Spend time together.

  1. Be a safe zone for them

Always be there for your kid. Let them know that they can run to you if anything happens to them. Be responsive to your child’s signal and remember to be sensitive to all their needs. Accept and support them as an individual and be a warm heaven for them.
A child who is raised by a supportive parent is a confident one. They have a better social, mental, and emotional health and outcome.

  1. Have a decent conversation

Always remember having a clear conversation solves all problems. Listen to your child’s problem carefully and talk to them. When you are opening a line of communication with your child they will come to you whenever they see a problem.
Talk about all their troubling experiences. Understand what he or she is going through. Moreover, clear communication will also save them from experiencing unwanted harassment.

  1. Tell them about your childhood

Tell them your childhood stories. It will help them to know you better as a person. Always make notes of the things that you wanted to change in your parents. Try them differently to your kid.
Be mindful. Do not give up easily if you don’t succeed at first. Everyone has different upbringing methods. You need to choose yours patiently.

  1. Pay attention to yourself

Raising a child is a hard job, we often do not get time for ourselves. Always pay attention to your well being as well. Moreover, this will help you to keep your marriage on track.
Having a little ‘me time’ would not hurt anyone. Remember to be on good terms with your partner. Your children need both of their parents.

  1. Do not hit them

Raising hands on your kids is a big no-no! Spanking can bring short term compliance but it can seriously hamper your child’s self-esteem.
Children who are smacked or hit by their parents often face some serious anger issues and social anxieties in their later life. Sometimes they even become victims of domestic violence or even worse, abusers.

  1. Talk to others

We all know, parenting is one of the most researched fields of psychology. There are parenting techniques that have been researched and also scientifically proven and verified.
Talk to old parents and learn about the non-punitive methods with which you can teach discipline.

10. Remember your goals

Whenever you are tired remember your parenting goal. Be responsible and look forward to meaningful relationships with you and others. Do not let the survival mode make you angry and frustrated.
Think about how much impact it is going to leave on your children before taking any drastic steps.

Well, every coin has two sides. Though parenting is tough it is very rewarding. Remember that rewards of hard work always come much later. Try your best now and you will eventually reap the rewards and raise a perfect kid with no regrets.


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