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This Lock-down – Dig Deep Down

Posted: July 21, 2020

Yes, this is a boon in disguise, that brought me closer to my child. I am beholden to this time of my life, that I could see the precious smile! 

An invisible virus that grew into a pandemic

Taking millions of lives and bringing us into this lockdown

That day I took my backpack and left for home

To only endure the facets of an infinite break.

Though I longed for a break to be with my daughter

Never have I thought, What I longed for will be longer

Long enough to separate me from my colleagues

No office, No handshakes, No Chai Time

All I am embracing is my family time.

Yes, this is a boon in disguise

That brought me closer to my child

I am beholden to this time of my life 

That I could see the precious smile 

Sparkling on my darling’s face.

Sometimes I stand in awe, seeing her grow in full vigor

Showing me to be vulnerable and imperfect

And still being able to espouse the vagaries of life

Or just feeling the essence of being human.

Tapping my feet on to the long left desire

Once again after ages have I danced to the inner fire

Ironical enough to visualize my future 

With all the abundance, peace and exhilaration

Amidst this deadly and terrifying isolation.

A time to rejuvenate, reflect and dive within

A time that may never ever come again

Make the most of it, for we seldom appreciate

The goodness this time has brought in

Did we foresee, this would usher in a new world

As this is the time, To Dig Deep Down

To take oneself to the higher realms of humanity

That would make us one rather than bringing in disparity.

Image source: Pexels

A working mother of a mischievous two-and-a-half-year-old baby girl. Loves

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