“Not So Happy” Women’s Day

I feel a difference is being created the minute I think of celebrating Women’s day. It simply makes me feel that my achievements are special just because I am already considered to be the weaker gender.

I feel a difference is being created the minute I think of celebrating Women’s day. It simply makes me feel that my achievements are special just because I am already considered to be the weaker gender.

It has been quite a journey for women, of somewhat attaining a level of equality (won’t say the confusing word feminism) in the society. And there is still a long way to go. But I guess it is time we stop celebrating our merits just because we are women. We should definitely describe our journey, highlight the hardships, the hurdles we had to encounter, just like any other gender does. That way we will get rid of the gender based comparison we have in every field.

The second reason that stops me from celebrating this day is the way there is total disregard for women as a being, her feelings, respect, what is there for her? Nothing. There are few lucky ones, but few.

Hardly Any Reason To Celebrate

The worst is women safety. How does the government sleep over so many pending cases and fails every time to give justice to all the unfortunate women, many died in the process and their families continue to die every single day by living with the pain and the fact that the criminals are still out there. Seriously. Sometimes I feel it should be called rapist’s day. They are the ones who are alive while the women they raped and killed, continue to fall trap to this useless age old judiciary. What is there to celebrate?

Why we have to compromise at every turn of life? Basic education, sanitation, child marriage, then you become a wife where you are only seen as a readymade superhero whose sole purpose of existence should be to continue age old tradition of making everyone’s life comfortable with a total disregard of what you need. The older women will give you the same treatment that they were given no matter how wrong or unjust it may be, but it seems right to them because they had to do it and they cannot see you get a better life when they didn’t get it. No matter how educated you are, there will always be a work division where you will seamlessly end up in the kitchen and laundry where as the man will be glued to the TV asking for more rotis. This is yet another rat race. Infact, it is easier to get out of the corporate rat race but not in the lives of married women.

However, there always is a solution for everything. Today we need travelling pants of sisterhood. Only women can help women out of this hopelessness. It is time for us to stand up for each other. At workplace, at home, in schools, everywhere, every time. We don’t need anybody to give us the good life, we can carve one for ourselves and others just by understanding what we want and taking correct actions in the direction of achieving the same.

Some Things To Do Rather Than Just Hyping Up Women’s Day

@ Mothers, teach your sons what you would teach your daughters. Do not consciously or even sub-consciously teach your boys into believing they are entitled to any kind of privilege just because they are boys, or they will have different roles to play. Teach them to respect women and teach them gratitude. Teach them equality and do it well. Set same rules for both, your son and your daughter.

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@ Mothers-in-law, let go of your tough past and bring a healthy and pleasant change, welcoming your daughter in law and just let her be the person she was raised by her parents just how you would expect your daughter to be accepted in her new home. The minute you stop thinking, mere saath hua tha to mai bhi waisa karungi, you break the vicious circle that traps women in a hopeless forever.

@ Daughters-in-law, be empathetic and kind towards your mothers-in-law. She didn’t have the exposure and opportunities that you got. Try to lift her spirits up & get her to have some fun.

@ Women of all age groups, cut the gossip, trim the judgement, burn the comments, kill the jealousy. Speak nothing but positive for your fellow women. Don’t encourage or get involved in discussions that are targeted at belittling other women. Share positive energy in those kitty parties. Change course, motivate each other, try to get fit, read, share how amazing your daughter-in law is.

@ The Ad world, PLEASE stop showing women in detergent and roti ads. Don’t show men in detergent ads that times are changing. Show it like a normal routine where a man can be seen in the kitchen or doing laundry without a woman around.And @Everest Masale, can we please see a change in your tag line ‘Mummy and Everest’ that conveniently boxes women forever in the kitchen. We have so many amazing male chefs too, why not bank on their taste as well. Go for, ‘Taste mein best, Mummy, Papa & Everest’. And you can use this tagline for free, my Women’s day gift to you.

@ PM Modi, I wish you had asked us, what we want rather than giving a useless gift of momentary recognition. This useless move was so disappointing, it is difficult to digest it came from a PM of your stature. I have a question here, please tell us what purpose did it serve?

There are so many things to be taken care of. Your first focus for women should be Women’s safety and how the culprits should be punished immediately and not after a decade or even brilliant, never.
Meanwhile, my amazing fellow women, let us take care of each other.


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