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Let’s Not Accept Any Content On Social Media That Uses Cuss Words Targeting Women

Posted: July 18, 2020

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For years women have been targeted with cuss words like B….d, Ma….d, and on the other hand we pay our respects to goddesses.

I am not against any content creator but I am against their content that target women.

While children now use the internet to study they also use it for their entertainment. Younger kids are being more and more exposed to the internet, including social media. Of course they are inspired by it, and we don’t want to carry forward this legacy of gender-based abuse.

Gender-Based Abuse on Social Media Getting Out of Control

Youtubers like BB ki Vines, Men’s XP, Honest Reviews, Carry Minati, Shubham Mishra,Hindustani Bhau and women like Sheetal  Mishra too, make offensive content on women. This type of content should never be promoted as “cool”. Children are being inspired by it, and we don’t want to carry forward this legacy of abusing women.

On Twitter, people blatantly use cuss words that involve women to fight for their own cause. Why are always woman involved in the rucus?

Facebook also uses YouTube’s content for videos and never modifies it for woman’s content. We women deserve to be respected and are not an excuse to be used in a cuss word for everyone’s entertainment.

A Petition To End It Once And For All

This is why I created  a petition on respecting women. I have no issues with anyone’s content but woman aren’t a gaali for your content. You can’t use a woman in a game or a movie review for entertainment. If you want to have cuss words, then make them gender neutral.

My appeal  is to stop using cuss words that are gender based and if it all you need cuss words, that has to be gender neutral. We don’t want cuss words based on men, nor do we want a cuss words based on women.

Image Source: Zee News

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