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The World Is A Giver

Posted: June 16, 2020

A poem about not giving up even in the toughest of times when you think you can’t make it, you just keep pushing through and you will make it.

You prefer the clear blue sky over the dusky one,
But how can you have it without those dark clouds?

You say you love the rainbow,then why are you hesitant of acknowledging the rain?

You say your world should be a bed of roses but tell me how do you expect the roses without a thorn?

All that comes to you is always meant for you,
a bitter truth we try to shut
But deep inside you dive into it,
Know it all but afraid to admit

In the end you know: How every hurdle is meant to keep you going,
how every pain is making you wiser,
You know your storms are going to uproot a lot of strength from your hearts and also make it stronger after it’s gone.

You know opportunities cross your paths every day ,
Brave to dream of the dreams but not ready to find its way

Have you ever asked yourself why?
The storm that’s gone has uprooted few plants of growth in you and storm which has home inside your hearts and minds are working hard to hold you and not letting you move.

And you’re afraid to admit ,
not wanting to face it,
or acknowledge it for a bit

But darling you know you first need to …. Make peace with your hearts and minds to reach the world which is a giver ,
to gift yourself a rainbow of your colors,
Your choices ,your dreams and wellwishers
You must believe it.
You can absolutely have a bed of roses but you must learn to accept and deal with the thorns,
Acknowledge the painful torns,
Dive deeper into the emotions,
Already born,adorn and worns

To begin everything, you have to have peace with everything inside you because that’s the first battle we all must win to reach the world that is a giver,

to gift ourselves a rainbow of our colors,

Of choices, dreams and wellwishers.

Image Via Pexels

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